What's your 'kryptonite'?

Kryptonite is a fictional substance from the original Superman comic book series, and is a substance that causes Superman to become weak when exposed to it.
It's the same concept as 'Achille's heel', a Greek mythology concept about a single vulnerability, which all beings have, even seemingly strong and all-powerful ones.

It could be in your mind, your relationship, or any other part of life.
These are all actually Vivianite. Im sure kryptonite was based off of this.
These are all actually Vivianite. I'm sure 'kryptonite' was based off of this.
Whats your kryptonite?
Whats your kryptonite?
Whats your kryptonite?
I'm not really sure what mine would be.
On a physical level, I cannot handle thrill rides, adventure sports, and spicy food. I stay away from all of that stuff. It's not fun for me, it's unpleasant-stressful.
On a psychological level, it might be hyperactive people who can't sit still, and even all conversation with them bounces around frantically so that you can never get in-depth with anything with them. I'm the complete opposite. Calm physically, and I like to go deep when I do learn about or talk about things. Surface, shallow stuff drives me bonkers if that's all there is. Levity and playfulness is great in between depth, but I need both. I can't be around people with no attention span or focus.
What's your 'kryptonite'?
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