GUYS how would you feel if the girl you love wanted you to hook her up with your friend??

Ok, so my best friend, Bensen, really has a lot of feelings for me that I just don't return. He's like my brother. I've known him forever. He's my brothers' best friend. It's like he's part of the family. Anyway, we went through the whole "Sorry, Bensen, I just don't feel the same" and he was crushed and we got through it. Still best friends. Nothing's really changed.

I met his friend, Omar, who's like a SEVEN (I grade pretty hard, highest a guy's ever gotten was a nine). He could, of course, bump that score up a point or two depending on his mattress dancin abilities. Haha.


Omar's 29 and he's Bensen's EM-1. (They're in the navy, Bensen's only been in a year) We met the other day when we all went to the sports bar to watch Sunday Football.

Omar was givin me the vibe, winkin at me, and flirtin with me and I was totally flirtin back, but I doubt he'll make a move cus of Bensen.


Is it totally messed up to ask Bensen to hook it up? Or is it messed up to even try to pursue this guy?

Bensen's dating girls, he can't expect me to not date anyone just cus he likes me.

Is that a total bitch move?
Dude, that's f*cked up. It's ok for you to date, but not his friends.
Not worth riskin the friendship cus your friend still has feelings for you.
Hey, if he's datin then why not go for it? You said the vibe is there!
Talk to him first to see how he'd feel. Then ask him to hook it up.
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Well Omar asked me out. So I asked Bensen what he would think if Omar and I went out. He said I could do what I wanted but then he wouldn't talk to me. I don't know what to do. I hope our friendship is more important to him than that, but I don't know.
GUYS how would you feel if the girl you love wanted you to hook her up with your friend??
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