I feel like all girls just use me?

I hear girls talk all the time about how they feel "used", but I feel like all girls do is use me and guys like me.

Im 17 and I've never had a girlfriend, kissed a girl or really anything. But I still feel used. I have a few girl friends, and it seems like they all just use me for fun. They will never talk, text, or message me in anyway outside of when we see each other during the day. And even when we see each other they don't come and talk to me, they talk to almost everyone else then talk to me last. They all come up and say "hey best friend" or "I love you" or something like that hug me and never talk to me again the rest of the day. Or if they do a few of them will flirt a little. Things like hold my hand, play hit me, feel my abs etc. a couple have even sat in my lap and touched my butt. But that was it after they get done with me they never think about me until they get board with everybody else then they try to talk to me again. It seems like every girl I've liked has only used me. They ask for help or ask me a question say thanks and not talk to me again. I feel like I'm just a guy they "play" with when they get bored, or a guy they confide or talk to when theirs no one else around. What can I do to change this? It's like no girl I know wants to have a real relationship with me, and I'm not just talking about boyfriend girlfriend but just a real relationship in general. Sometimes I think I should treat girls the same way use them until I get bored and move on tote next one, but I can't. That's not me. I value relationships and real friendships, it just feels like I'm the only one putting in effort. What can I do?
I feel like all girls just use me?
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