Why do most girls hate black guys?

I feel like all girls just hate black guys specifically, and it's driving me insane. Like, Asian girls won't date black guys, Hispanic girls won't date black guys, white girls definitely won't date black guys, and even black girls don't like black guys. Honestly, at least it's like that at my crappy school. Also, most of the girls here are white, and, well, I've learned to hate them most of all, more than any other type girl. They're all shallow, and judgmental, and I hate them. In fact, since my school is mostly white, the main issue for me is white girls. Far as I can tell they look down on guys like me, unless we're piece of shit athletes that will amount to nothing in life. Well, I hate them completely, at most, all I'm good for is a friend, or some tool to piss off daddy, that's it, otherwise, I'm totally worthless. It's not fair! Know what, just change every other race of girls I mentioned to white girls, they made my high school dating life shit, so I hate them the most. All this is getting to me to the point that I'm starting to cut again (that and the people in general at my school are jerks, I'm 17 in case you were wondering), sometimes, when nobody's looking, I go under my desk and use my keys to cut my arm, and no one notices (everyone thinks I'm some happy idiot), the only problem is, since my skin is light, it looks pink after a start scraping it, so I have to hit my arm. It's that they made sure I'd never have a girlfriend in high school that I hate them and will always hate them, all I'm ever considered as a friend, never someone to actually date, even though I'm better than all of them, I'm so far evolved compared to them and they're nothing, it's unfair and I hate them, why do I have to be lonely and miserable while they get to be happy? I hate being black, I hate it so much, I can't ever find a single girl in my school or anywhere else because of it, even Asian guys are seen as attractive even Latinos, but not black guys, never black guys!
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Honestly, now, it's for more reasons, me, I've been invisible my entire life, maybe this would finally make people see me, ending my life, maybe it'll help me become visible.
Why do most girls hate black guys?
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