What would you recommend drinking or eating for this?

Okay so I’ve been talking on the phone almost nonstop for anywhere from 8-20 hours a day for the past 3-4 days. I only slept like 3-4 hours each day. I finally decided to take a little 5 hour break. I think I’ve overused my voice but when he conversations good, i guess its hard to stop. Step 1 was of course shutting the fck up for these past few hours lol. But if someone wants to keep talking, im not going to tell them no unless they just bore me to death. I tried cough drops and drinking warm tea. I dont have a sore itchy throat like how it feels when you have a cold. But i have a feeling like a lump or like i’ve been punched in the throat repeatedly. It didn't start hurting til Monday.
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Probably didn't help that i swallowed a huge horse size pill last night and didn't eat or drink anything after it. I mean i usually never drink after i take pills but that could be it. I just feel like my throat was hurting some hours before though
What would you recommend drinking or eating for this?
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