What are some character traits of your city?

Some of the qualities that, in your opinion, define your city, or the people in it.


1. People in Pittsburgh, when giving directions, use landmarks rather than street names. But oddly enough, they like to use landmarks that USED to be there over ones that are there. For example, I live near a site that used to be a Burger King (which was closed down over a decade ago) and now has a Rite-Aid in that spot. But people never say turn at the Rite-Aid. They say turn where the old Burger King used to be. It's funny because it makes no sense. I'm pretty sure anyone who actually needs directions to navigate surely won't know where something USED to be years ago.

2. People in Pittsburgh take local professional sports teams (Steelers Football, Pirates Baseball, and Penguins Hockey) to a level of fanaticism that's downright scary.

3. Pittsburgh has one of the lowest percentages of licensed drivers in relationship to adult population in the country, due to the fact that we have the highest DUI rate in the country (lots of revoked/suspended licenses) and a good public transit system so many people never get one in the first place.

4. Pittsburgh's road system is defined by one way streets. No matter where you're going, it's a safe bet you won't be able to go back the way you came because of how you most likely took one way streets to get there.

5. The local Pittsburgh cuisine has the greasiest, most unhealthy foods you can imagine, mostly Polish-inspired.

6. Pittsburgh's women tend to look androgynous and the men tend to be obese. I moved up here from South Florida and, I don't know, maybe people who live in beach front cities tend to take better care of themselves, but when I moved up here I was shocked by how few attractive people there were compared to Florida. Seriously, a LOT of women look like men and a LOT of men look like they're about to keel over and have a heart attack. It's pretty appalling.

6. People with birth defects - Pittsburgh used to be one of the industrial centers of the country. Because of that, it had the worst air pollution you can imagine for generations, leading to a shockingly high number of people born with birth defects such as dwarfism, down syndrome, hairlip, etc. You can't get on a city bus without seeing at least two people like what I just mentioned.

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I just realized I counted 6 twice. lol. should be a 7.
What are some character traits of your city?
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