How to skip lunch while at school?

So I'm trying to lose weight (I'm not anorexic or anything, I'm genuinely overweight, and what I prefer is to combine lunch and an afternoon snack to when I get home from school, because that's when I commonly feel hungry and have a tendency to binge.

My mum packs me a home made healthy lunch daily- for recess I carry celery and carrot sticks and a piece of fruit and for lunch I have a sandwich for lunch usually

So its really hard for me to skip lunch at school because when everyone else is eating I get the temptation to eat as well, which is bad because I am likely to eat when I get home as well.

So often I distract myself by going to the library. How else can I distract myself form food?

I already exercise (heaps) and have ensured that I eat food from all five food groups

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I don't actually mean skipping lunch, technically I mean eating it later. BUt thanks anyways everyone!
How to skip lunch while at school?
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