Do girls get along well with anybody in their clan?

This place where I work has two more female employees who happen to be from my college. One of the gals is matured while the other is absolutely stupid, scatter-brained and rash...she can talk about anything and everything and can jump from one topic to another- in short brainless chatter...& such people get on to my nerves, I don't expect an intelligent conversation all the time but I just can't get along with them. However, the matured one handles her well and kinda defends her if I ever retribute the other one slightly or pass a sarcastic comment. I've in fact even almost quit talking to the two of'em, I wonder if all women can get along well with each other no matter how they are ...Though it doesn't affect me in anyway as I don't need anybody to help me or talk to me@work, but such people make me sick and thinking how come a brainy gal defend or get along so well with someone completely opposite...
Do girls get along well with anybody in their clan?
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