What can I do about my uncontrollable feelings?

I haven`t been on here as much as I thought I would.. Things have been.. Turbulent.. Lonely.. And meager.. I am getting my life back together, after losing my entire social network, to crime, drugs, and Death.. I lost everything, and have nothing, but I`m on my way back up, slowly, but I think I`m on my way.. My problem is, I am no one now, a social reject, unemployed, with no network, but I don`t really care.. All I can think of is this incredible girl.. The sweetest creature I have ever laid my eyes upon, and a Sparkling personality, that I feel combined puts the sun and stars to shame.. I have NO words to describe the feelings I have for her, the admiration, love, and intense longing that never goes away, the burning vacuume of the lack of her in my arms.. I don`t know her, she works at a grocerystore nearby.. I barely know her name, Aleksandra.. But it`s the only name on my mind, and she is everything I can think about.. I think maybe she quit, because I have been by regularly( spelling?) but she's never there, and I`m going crazy :( Whenever I see her, talk to her for like a few minutes, I`m in a great mood the rest of the day, she just makes me happy just beeing around, and all I know is that the only thing I care about is making her laugh, and the hope that I may one day hold her in my arms, if only for a few Seconds :/ I HAVE to tell her how I feel, I don`t care if she has someone (she definitely does, she has to, she is Incredible) all I want is to get this of my chest and give her a hug, so I can go on with my life.. I sound pessimistic I know, but I`m way too old for her and have noe life.. But how can I get any Peace of mind when I can`t find her and tell her how I feel? It`s been weeks now, and I feel like I'm on fire, I`m freezing, being ripped to shreds from inside? :( I mean I don`t want to seem like some kind of stalker or something either, so I don`t know what to do.. Why do I feel so strongly for someone I`ve barely spoken to? Why must I find such beauty in the midst of my misery? I`m in the lowest position, physically, mentally, and socially.. And NOW I meet the most Incredible girl ever!? Why must I take this so seriously!? Why can`t I just NOT CARE :( It burns, and I`m scared..
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Well.. It`s been a couple of weeks since I asked her out now. She said no :/ But at least I got that checked off the list, like: Get nervous and goofy,check. Get denial, check. Get over it.. No, nooo, not one bit.. She said she would like to, but have no time, and I know she has three jobs in addition to her studies so.. I should just get over it. I still think about her every day. I may seem desperate or pathetic, but I`m not, she`s really a very special girl. I just need emotional control
What can I do about my uncontrollable feelings?
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