Why do so many women obsess about a man's height?

I personally am not either short nor tall because I am 5'11 but many women seem to say things like "the taller the better" and "I like them over 6 feet"

I can understand liking guys that are 5'10 - 6'2, that is completely reasonable, but do you women even realize that less than 5% of men in the world are over 6'2?

What irritates me further is that most of the women who obsess so much about height are short themselves. When I see a 5'2 woman requesting a guy over 6' I laugh.

Guys who are extremely tall are gangly and awkward 90% of the time. If most of you saw a 6'7'' man in public you would think that is freakishly tall and would realize how weird it looks in real life.

Think of all the great 5'9'' men out there that you are turning down just because your ego is through the roof. These men are BORN this way, they cannot change their height, it was given to them by god, so please try not to judge them on something they cannot change.

Some women cause shorter men so much grief it saddens me.

There are enough tall awkward fucks in the world already so please stop breeding with these huge dudes. Being over 6'2 also comes with a host of health issues including arthritis in the knees, back pain, cardiovascular issues due to the heart being overworked, and even an increased risk of cancers.

Larger people hog more food that could go to starving children because their enormous bodies need more calories, they also take up more space and are annoying to sit behind in movie theatres.

Why do so many women obsess about a man's height?
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