How to cope with Anxiety

So the recent events have been extremely stressful and tense regardless, I guess, of where you stand personally. All of this stresses me...

"You look like a man" - my stance on muscular women

I don't like to write a lot, so I will make it short, I still want to share my stance on this topic. Many people, men and women, don't...

A detailed description of what relapsing feels like [self harm]

I've written a number of anonymous posts about self harm and have decided to post this with my real username because I'm sick of people...

Why the quality of your bread is more important than you thought - organic bread recipe for just under £1 per large loaf

Most of us eat bread every day (unless you're on a special diet). For that reason alone you may well want to know what goes into your...

How You Can Use Food Prices To Determine How Much You Buy And Consume

Most people would suggest that you should count calories, reduce portion sizes and eat lots of fruits and vegetables (fresh, canned,...

The brain structure for beginners

Introduction Our brain is the biggest machine in the world. It processes tons of information everyday and has the ability to store a lot...

What is your opinion on how dance effects the way dancers view their bodies?

as a dancer dance effect the way I viewed by body drastically, When I began dancing it felt as if no one else on my team had these...

Could eating too much sugar lead to cancer?

I’m a sugar addict lol🤦‍♀️ I love anything sweet especially chocolate

I'm trying to lose weight, I've hit a plateau at 185-190. What can I do differently?

I think I'm at a point where I need to start working out on a regular basis or start counting calories because simply eating less isn't...

I am in 30s and I cannot eat the same, what is healthy cook book you would recommend? Any vegan ones?

My grandparents did have diabetes so anything that also caters to that family history as well. Thanks for the ideas

Is water really beneficial for skin and reducing aging?

I try to drink 5-8 bottles a day which i know is a lot lol but I've heard water can help skincare since it hydrates your body and right...

Has anyone ever been through an allergy like this?

My back and thighs were full of the same thing I woke up to my legs full of this yesterday but now thank God they’re gone. What happend...

I read today about a woman who had 15 children and died this year at age 97 - how is this possible?

How does a woman give birth to 15 kids and still remain healthy enough to live to age 97? especially when she was born in the very early...

Do you think people with ptsd are disturbing or "freaks"?

and i guess what do you think of people like that? would you be too uncomfortable being friends with them if you knew?

Do you have Corona?

I do have it, and I don't feel that sick xd However, if you have it, how do you feel rn? Get well soon

I just picked my nose am I going to get the ‘rona’?

I got some candy out of the vending machine and forgot to wash my hands. Dug real deep with my finger nails too. #doomed

Is it normal for new moles to develop at my age?

I've had moles all over my body my whole life, but over the past year, I've noticed at least two new moles. A really tiny one on my face...

When do you think it the best time to go to the gym to work out?

I had usually used to go to the gym in the middle of the day around the time frame 12:00pm-6:00pm. Lately I have been trying to either...