Spicy situation. What will you do?

Girls, imagine the situation.

You play football, volleyball, tennis or something else in a mixed company of girls and guys, or you go in for sports in a gym where guys also do.

After the game, you went to the women's locker room, closed the door, stripped naked, put all your clothes in your gym bag, went to the shower, adjusted the water, and... remembered that you forgot about the shampoo and towel, which are somewhere at the bottom of the bag. You open the shower door to get them and oh sh!!!
Spicy situation. What will you do?
Seems that you didn't close the door to the locker room properly and it swung open, and a bunch of people is playing outside the door. And this is your bag on the bench.

What are you going to do?
Spicy situation. What will you do?
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