"You look like a man" - my stance on muscular women


I don't like to write a lot, so I will make it short, I still want to share my stance on this topic.

Many people, men and women, don't like muscular women, and it's okay, their preference. But don't tell others what to do with their body nor insulting them.

You look like a man - my stance on muscular women

As an athlete myself, I like muscular women for several reasons:

  • They are dedicated, achieving a difficult goal, any goal, is great.
  • They are healthy and energetic and value the aspects. They treat their body better. A temple.
  • It's a common interest, work out together.
  • The sex is better, more libido and endurance.
  • The aesthetics are beautiful to me.

Don't be afraid to achieve your goals just due to some people who don't understand the athleticism. If you want to build muscle, it's all good.

This process will come with some insecurities that I will debunk:

  • "I won't have tits", so? Small tits are not less beautiful nor less feminine.
  • "I am gaining weight" well yeah, muscle mass, and even if some is fat tissue, it's fine.
  • "I will look different", if you like it, go for it, so what?
  • "People will comment and judge", they do so anyways, just ignore them, it's their insecurities, not yours.
  • "I can't see results", relax, it takes time, or maybe change your diet and workout routine.
  • "I want to build muscle, but I afraid I will get too big", this one is common in most people who begin to exercise, to get enormous huge with shredded body very hard, exercising won't probably get you there, unless you commit 100% on it and increasing intensity frequently. You can get stronger easier and get some muscles, but it is another level to look like a bodybuilder.
And even if you want to look like the one on the left, go for it!
And even if you want to look like the one on the left, go for it!

And remember, you do it for yourself, not others. Show confidence and people will follow you and respect you, not just on this topic, but in general.

You look like a man - my stance on muscular women
"You look like a man" - my stance on muscular women
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  • bobbistar
    Good to see some postive post for women bodybuilding. My wife is a women bodybuilder and i always supported her to achieve what she wanted.
    Our society needs to change the mindset about women bodybuilding.
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  • Barbaric
    They're not as healthy as people think they are a lot of the time.

    There's nothing wrong with women lifting weights, that's healthy. What's unhealthy is the images being presented here.

    The woman at the top, and the woman on the left in the second picture, are both on steroids. You say "if you want to look like that, go for it" - no. You're encouraging women to take steroids, and that's unhealthy. Even if you cycle them the correct way, you're doing less damage to yourself, but you're doing damage regardless. The reason the woman on the right isn't bulky is because she hasn't taken steroids.

    This is actually why people say that those women look like men. What are steroids? They're synthetic hormones designed to mimic the affects of testosterone. They're literally taking male hormones. What do we call those who surgically alter their bodies and take hormones of the opposite sex? Trans-sexual.

    The woman at the bottom is possibly right at the genetic limit for a female, and even then is questionable.

    It's also not as healthy as many people believe it is to be at such a low body fat percentage - especially for a woman. For a woman, if she goes below 18% body fat, she's likely to no longer have a period and to be infertile. Infertility itself is a sign of bad health. Women with six-pack abs are not healthy. People only think that because mostly steroid using women promote that image as the image of perfect health in the so-called "fitness" industry, which actually has very little to do with fitness or health and more to do with promoting those images.
    • I understand you, I am clearly against steroids myself, though those physiques can be achieved naturally, maybe not the the second pic girl on the left. And yeah, low body fat is dangerous but you can be with 6 packs and healthy, for example olympic gymnasts/lifters or even crossfitters (even though I am against crossfit as a sport due to bearly technique involved).

    • You just need to do it smart with low progress.

    • Slow*

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  • Little_Bumblebee
    I like many different body types, it's all about how it looks on the person.
    And the muscles on a woman can be very beautiful.

    And it's so amazing how they have been so dedicated to getting that body.

    I'm not a fan of the extreme bodybuilder type, but that goes for men as well.

    Strong is beautiful, and I want to be strong myself as well, it gives a whole other feeling in your body when you feel strong and has been working out.
  • Dchrls78104
    Like everything else, a little bit of muscle on a girl can be sexy. Too much, however, is not (at least for me) because:
    1. The extra muscle almost invariably makes her larger, and I am not attracted to large women.
    2. Too many use drugs (steroids) to get those muscles; any drug use is an instant deal-breaker for me.
  • Iron_Man
    That’s crazy can you beat them all up?
  • Gedaria
    I don't know about that, but not into the look...
  • Anonymous
    I love well built ladies and girls.
  • Anonymous
    You do you. But to me, those women are ugly as fuck. They are as distasteful to a man as a man in drag is to a woman.
    • Everyone has a right for their preference, but many patronize and call out on those women. A lot of back lash. Just need to keep those thoughts to yourself.

    • Anonymous

      So, if people disagree with you they should keep their thoughts to themselves? Nah, sorry "bro".

      Women don't end up looking like the ones in your photos without working very hard at it and taking steroids, and a woman who tries THAT hard to look like a man is going to draw negative attention. That's life. Get over it.

    • You can't just ignore them? You need to grow up.

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