How You Can Use Food Prices To Determine How Much You Buy And Consume


Most people would suggest that you should count calories, reduce portion sizes and eat lots of fruits and vegetables (fresh, canned, dried, frozen) in order to lose weight. Well, today I am going to show you that you can use prices as well. How? By buying more expensive food.

Bird Nest Soup... an expensive luxury food in Asia
Bird Nest Soup... an expensive luxury food in Asia

If you can buy a whole pack of Tyson All Natural Fresh Chicken Thighs for $6.45 ($1.29/lb) at Kroger, then you can probably buy Simple Truth Organic™ Free Range Chicken Drumsticks (4 to 6 per Pack) for $3.86 ($2.79/lb). As you can see here, you are paying more per pound for organic chicken dark meat than conventionally grown dark meat, but the quantity is less, so the total cost is less than the conventional. Reduced quantity would mean reduced caloric consumption.

Organic Fresh Fruits... notoriously expensive. Muhahahaha!
Organic Fresh Fruits... notoriously expensive. Muhahahaha!

If you can buy a 20-lb bag of Mahatma Extra Long Enriched Rice for $10.99, then you can also buy a 2-lb bag of Mahatma Organic White Rice for $3.91. You can buy 2 bags, and that's 4 pounds of organic white rice produced by the same company and distributed by Kroger. As you can see here, the total price of organic rice is less than conventional, but the quantity of food is also way less for about the same price. So, you are consuming much less food. In the kitchen at home, you can make the rice last longer or feed more people, if you add more water and make rice porridge. The more water you add, the more watery the porridge gets, and the less calories you consume.

If you want to lose weight, then you have to eat at a caloric deficit. Serving smaller portion sizes can help you eat at a caloric deficit, thus helping you lose weight. One easy way to buy food in fewer quantities is to switch to organic food products. You are using the same amount of money to buy fewer food, cook with fewer food and eat smaller portions. Thus, weight loss will result.

Give this a try for a week or a month, and see how it goes! Just buy 100% organic food products, and check your weight at the end of the month.

How You Can Use Food Prices To Determine How Much You Buy And Consume
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  • TrustOfWorthington
    yes good topic! I've been doing that for over a year now and also i try to recycle as much trash as possible, but then again i live in Vienna where there is an overload of organic regional products and regulations being set in place to maximize the use of recycling packaging over the next years for offer.
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    • Anonymous

      The myTake is not actually promoting organic products, by the way.

      It is merely using organic products as an example of expensive products.

      Essentially, people are using the same old budget to buy food in smaller quantities, thus the portion sizes must be made much smaller than before.

    Technically you are also buying higher quality food which is nutrient dense. This also helps feeding your body properly and you feel fuller longer.
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    • Anonymous

      Organic food is "organic", because the food comes from farms that use organic farming practices.
      Nutritionally, organic food may have the same nutrients as conventionally-grown food.
      Personally, I think people should eat less meat and use bugs as a cheaper source of animal protein. Bugs are much more sustainable on the environment and may even pack more protein per unit weight than muscle meats. When people do choose meats, they should buy meats in much smaller quantities, and they should only buy grass-fed/grass-finished beef/dairy, organic pork and organic chicken. Then, they should share the meat with more than 10 people, so everyone gets only a tiny piece of that. For a cheaper animal protein source, people should consume various bugs (spiders, insects, larva, etc.).

    • Amen sister!! 😎👍

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  • DrippingHoney
    Why not just reduce your budget and save the money. I'll be glad to take any extra cash off your hands if it's a problem for you.
    • You'll definitely lose weight using this method but most of the lost weight will be from your wallet.

    • Anonymous

      The main point is, people do buy too much quantity of food because they want big portion sizes and more bang for their buck. Then, they complain that they are gaining weight. I'm just saying that people can use their old grocery budget for more expensive products, and thus the purchasing power of the buck is reduced. You are pretty much the same price for a reduced amount of food. Lower consumption of food = lower calories = weight loss.

      Alternatively, people can just do what you just said - reduce the food budget and consumption. Less calories = weight loss.

      Now, some people may say, "Well, less food on the table will just cause people to become more hungry." Maybe... but a human being can survive for a few weeks without food. Going for a day or a couple of days without any food intake isn't going to kill you. Some religious people even fast during Ramadan, in which they eat very little food because they are using the time to worship.

    • Why not just donate money to a worthy charity so you don't habe as much to spend instead of eating it on overpriced items? At least that way someone benefits.

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  • mrgspoter
    I did all that stuff but I found I never needed to change my diet if I'm eating healty or do exercise, fasting only eating from 6am to before 3pm hot cold therapy and lots of water lost so much weight no diet or fitness needed and feel better than I ever did also my stomach problems way better now too. I feel any diet that's way different will have a effect but over time might change.
  • Alexandra1
    I don't know what to say about this. This is very awesome and I would like you to post more stuff because this is awesome. and I would like to stay here like this because this is awesome, and I'm just writing this to get experience so I can post pictures and stuff. Good luck.
  • jamesgoldman
    I'd love to agree but given I was in my best shape eating 5,000 calories a day and now eat half as much but lose no weight... it is about the metabolic rate and exercise conducted
  • hahahmm
    Why do you want to eat less? Studies have shown that when you don’t eat enough in main meals you will eat more snacks between meals. Eating more snacks turns out to be unhealthy even if the individual snacks are “healthy”.

    The main thing is to eat healthy & have the right fitness level for your metabolism.

    By the way, there are farmer’s markets with inexpensive organic food and you shouldn’t assume that packaged food from two different sources are identical. They usually aren’t regardless of the organic question
    • Anonymous

      1. Snacks cost money. If you don't buy snacks, then you eat no snacks. That simple.
      2. You still have to eat at a caloric deficit, and to eat at a caloric deficit, that means eating less food and moving more.
      3. The myTake is not meant to promote organic food in and of itself, but as a means to use the higher costs to your advantage. Organic food is more expensive by weight than conventionally grown food, but if you buy less food, then you eat less.

      Eat less food = Lose more weight.

  • Jamie05rhs
    I disagree. If you make your food watery, then you will want to eat more of it.
    • Anonymous

      You can't.

      If you want to eat more, then you have to cook more. And that costs time and money. You are literally spending time to make a second serving, and you are spending money on your gas/electric bill.

    • Jamie05rhs

      But you'll stay hungry. You won't be satisfied. So you won't stick with the diet.

    • Anonymous

      People on a diet are eating less food anyway.

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  • I like this idea!
  • Hellohibyebye
    Good information thanks
  • Good info thank you