Why is my face always red?

First off I'm half Irish, have one or two beers every night, drink caffeine at work, have high blood pressure, and am very sensitive to heat changes.

Most people say the constant redness in my cheeks is probably due to one of or a combination of these things. But it's starting to get annoying being constantly flushed in the face. I'd like to eliminate the problem but cutting out salt, caffeine, beer, and exciting activities would be very difficult. Perhaps if I could figure out which was the main culprit I could cut just that one or two things out until the redness goes away.

Why is my face always red?
Cut the alcohol
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Cut out the caffeine
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Cut out the salt and message
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Find a way to de-stress
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Drink more water and regulate your body temperature
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All of the above. You're screwed
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Why is my face always red?
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