Christmas In Britain As A Muslim


If you've ever talked to me about my city or read some of my posts, you probably know my city is a pretty multicultural place, and that includes religious/non-religious diversity. We have Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, Buddhists and Jewish people.

I am a Muslim and so far in my 17 years of life in my city I have encountered other Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Atheists and Agnostics. I'm yet to meet any Jewish and Buddhist people, I know a couple of people who's grandparents are Jewish but they themselves don't believe in Judaism so I don't really count that.

Despite being around a lot of Muslims growing up, when it comes to Christmas time I have always had curious non-Muslim kids ask me about questions about how I do Christmas as a Muslim and I'm happy to answer because that's how people learn, rather than just staying ignorant.

With all that said, let's dive in.

So Who In This City Celebrates Christmas?


Okay so you might be thinking:

"Spidey, this one is obvious- THE CHRISTIANS!"

And yes, the Christians do celebrate Christmas- but they're not the only ones. Many atheists and agnostics celebrate Christmas too- they don't believe in it, but they just find it fun to celebrate. Like my best friend for example, she's an atheist but she celebrates Christmas.

Yesterday, we decided to meet up in the city park, and we saw her sister- who had bought the Christmas decorations for their house. xD

And I've known some Sikhs and Hindus who also celebrate Christmas as well.

What questions have I have asked to me though?
What questions have I have asked to me though?

Glad you asked.

"Do you celebrate Christmas?"

Do I?
Do I?

Nah, I don't. I do not celebrate Christmas because I don't believe in Christmas. I see some people (not in real life, but online) who get really butthurt when I say that I don't celebrate Christmas because I'm a Muslim so I don't believe in it.

But I have my own religious celebration which I celebrate because I believe in it. I wouldn't expect anybody who doesn't believe in Eid to celebrate it, even if we were in a Muslim majority of country. Freedom of expression, right?

And I get that some people who don't believe in Christmas celebrate it anyway, but that's not me.

And none the less, I respect Christmas as a celebration- because you've gotta respect everyone's celebrations, and it's a nice time of year. :)

"Do you get presents?"


From my family? No, they don't buy presents for me, because as I said we don't celebrate it.

But over the years, I have got presents from friends- I never refuse like:

"BrUh- I dOn'T cElEbRaTe It"

Because that's rude. And if a friend gets me a present I always get them something too :)

My best friend always gets me a present- I don't know what she's gotten me this year, it's a surprise, but I've got her something pretty cool but I'm not going to say in case she decides to snoop and read this.

And p-sack (it's an inside joke) if you're here snooping nice try, but nah you're not gonna guess what it is. ;)

"Do you get a Christmas tree?"

Love this! xD
Love this! xD

At home? No, again we don't get a tree because surprise surprise we don't celebrate it.

But I always look forward to seeing the one school, college or the shopping center put up. At primary school the tree was always so perfect with pretty decorations, and either an angel or a star at the top.

In secondary school, they didn't have a lot of money for Christmas tree decorations, so they always used to wrap up boxes to look like presents and put them on the tree, and a paper star at the top.

And now I'm at college, I don't see a huge one up in college yet, but I've seen a couple in the college restaurant where the catering students practice.

And our local shopping center doesn't have one up yet.

"Do you put up and like Christmas lights?"

Pretty! xD
Pretty! xD

Again, at home we don't put up any Christmas lights because we don't celebrate Christmas.

But houses around do, and they look really pretty and they're up all over town, and they look so pretty and it's dark when I leave college now so they're really pretty to look at and I guess they make walking alone in the dark a little less scary.

But I do like the Christmas lights, it's just such a pretty sight to watch when you're sat on the bus going to or from college.

"Did you do a Christmas play?"

Love Spidey xD
Love Spidey xD

At my primary school you did Christmas plays up until Year 2, and after that- no Christmas plays- it was always the younger kids that did them?

Did I take part? Yes, all the kids did regardless of whether we celebrated Christmas or not.

School did sent out a letter to all the parents to give permission for their children to participate in the play- or to state they don't want their child to participate in the play due to religious or non-religious beliefs.

But all the parents were cool with letting their kids participate.

I remember in nursery I played an angel.

In reception I was an Elf.

In year one I was a shepard.

And in year two I was a Christmas carol singer.


We still have the photos of little Elfy Spidey, and it's lowkey cringeworthy- 5-year-old me as an elf😂

"Do you give out Christmas cards?"

Perfect card😂
Perfect card😂

When I was younger I gave out Christmas cards. In primary school we had this little letter box in the hallway where we'd post our cards then a teacher would get the cards out and hand them to the kids. Sounds kinda pointless- we could have just given them to each other, but the letterbox thing made us feel special😂

I handed them out all the way up until last year (Year 11) and I'd put all my cards from my friends on the fireplace or in my bedroom window- then when I got my desk I put the ones I got on my desk.

This year I think I'll write like 3 to my closest friends, but I doubt I'll be giving any to anyone at college because I'm a part-time loner😂

But yeah Christmas cards are always fun😂

"Do you like Christmas movies and songs?"

Top list xD
Top list xD

Yes!! I like Christmas songs and some of the Christmas movies.

Okay so I'll admit, some of the movies aren't really my cup of tea because they're so CORNY but at the same time... Some corny ones are my guilty pleasure.

One I kinda want see (again probably will become a guilty pleasure) is that Netflix one with Vanessa Hudgens, where she's like a twin and a princess or something. I've seen the trailer and it looks SO corny and predictable but at the same time... It's Gabriella from HSM😂

"Do you have a Christmas jumper?"


I have one, it's grey and has a snowman on it and when describing it to google, I managed to find a picture of it:

Here it is! xD
Here it is! xD

I've had it since I was like 13, and my mum got it me because she knows how much I love jumpers <3

And honestly, you'll even catch me wearing this thing in May- jumpers are just my thing in general.

"When did you stop believing in Santa?"

Yussssss xD
Yussssss xD

5-years-old. I did what all my friends did, leave cookies out for Santa and a carrot for his raindeer and when I came downstairs in the morning and they were will there. That's when I realised it was all a lie😂😂

And I remember every year after that I was obssessed with the kids knowing the truth every time they'd talk about Santa I'd tell them their parents are lying and that Santa isn't real, and that the Santa who came to see us in assembly is just a teacher dressed up in a fat suit or a fat teacher- and they didn't believe me- until they discovered the truth😂

"Do you ever feel awkward at this time of year because most celebrate it and you don't?"

Dont ask😂
Don't ask😂

Not really, no. I mean I find this time of year a nice time of year none the less. I love the cozy type feeling, and the excuse for jumpers, and the nice happy vibe going around the place, and I like the lights that are up everywhere.

I've never really felt awkward because even though I don't celebrate Christmas I participate in certain Christmasy things- like when school gave to the foodbanks, the Christmas play, when school decided to let us watch a Christmas movie and just Christmasy activities school did.

Despite not celebrating Christmas, I've always felt included in Christmas activities and never any bad vibes from people or judgmental attitudes from people in my day-to-day life about me or any other person who doesn't celebrate Christmas.

So yeah, I've never felt awkward.

"So what do you actually do on Christmas day then?"

Cute ^_^
Cute ^_^

I pretty much come downstairs, and BBC One and all the other channels are airing movies pretty much all day so I just watch the movies they're showing.

I remember the BBC movie "Stick Man" and my brother joked about it being me because he was short and skinny😂I was just like:

"Yeah, I'm famous- got my own movie"😂😂

And my mum cooks roast chicken and patatoes with Yorkshire puddings because you can never say "no" to good food😂

Any last words?

Not really much to say, but I hope you enjoyed this read and had a laugh or whatever :)

Thanks for reading :) <3

Christmas In Britain As A Muslim
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  • Sensmind
    Very good take for those who live in less diverse places and sometimes forget. I suppose the moral of the take is that it is okay to allow room for all the cultures/religions/beliefs to celebrate their day or period as they wish.
    My one guiding principle is you are free to do what you want once it doesn't interfere with anyone else. I am agnostic and live in a probably 90% christian country so I let them do their thing, it doesn't impact me that much same as if I knew a lot of muslims, they would be fine doing Ramadan and Eid.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Exactly! One of my many life mottos is "live and let live" like my father told me. :)

  • lightbulb27
    Well written. I thought it interesting you were in school plays at young age. I can only imagine the uproar if Christian children were playing in a Muslim play about P. Mohammed.

    Happy early Ramadan, may you continue in growing in your compassion.
    Personally, I'd go around in a red and white suite and eat peoples cookies and milk... but that's me...
    Is this still revelant?
    • My school was all inclusive- didn't discriminate against anyone. I've never heard anyone doing a play a prophet Muhammad to be honest, I think plays are a much more Christian tradition. :)

      Hahaha thank you for the happy-early ramadan xD

    • lightbulb27

      I've seen a Muslim type play or theatre presentation video in my country, and it was really... scary...

    • What was it?

      I mean, back in 1976 there was a movie called "the message" about our prophet- most of the actors were non-Muslim, but I don't think there was an uproar about non-Muslims playing the roles and stuff- I mean, they didn't have the prophet himself as a character because we're not allowed to have pictures of the prophet, so that would offend many Muslims.

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Most Helpful Girls

  • Debs1
    I'm not religious at all and most of my friends and family aren't either but we still love Christmas. Think Christmas in Britian isn't really about anything religious these days for the vast majority. Its more about family and getting togehter friends and loved ones. its also good that pretty much the whole country pretty much shuts down for a few days so great time for everybody to be off and chill together and all forget about work for a bit.
    Is this still revelant?
    • That's true, but some do still see the religious aspect of it :)

      None the less, it's a nice time of year and an excuse for jumpers, hot chocolate, and movies xD

  • CindyRuns
    I loved your MyTake.

    As someone who is not Christian, I'm Jewish, I appreciate it all.

    I separate the religious holiday from the secular one. I think of it as the fact that there are two holidays on Dec 25th, both called Christmas. One is for Christians,, the religious one and one, the secular one, is for all to enjoy !!!
    Is this still revelant?
    • Hahaha thank you :)

      That's kind of smart to be honest xD

      Sorry for sounding really ignorant here, but don't guys have a thing near Christmas time called Hanukkah? Lol this is gonna sound really stupid but I saw it on Barney as a kid, then I saw it on the Goldbergs too xD

    • CindyRuns

      Yes, we do, and it happens sometime in December.

      Jewish holidays, like the Muslim ones are based on a Lunar Calendar. Only big difference is we
      do an adjustment by adding a whole month so we don't end up with something like you have where Ramadan can occur at any time of the year !!!

      Originally, it was all based on the fact that one of the holidays, Passover, was supposed to happen after the first New Moon of spring... now it's based on some mathematical method that dates back to the middle ages.

      I enjoy celebrating my own holiday along with joining with my Christian friends and enjoying theirs too.

    • That's cool, I love doing Christmasy stuff with school well now college too xD

      I just wanna correct you on a little thing about Ramadan. It can't occur any time of year- it occurs 10 days previous from when the Ramadan the year before started xD

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  • Lliam
    Great MyTake, SpiderManFan2002.
    Because of the 7+ year long, Western-sponsored, war in Syria, I've connected with a lot of people in that country, as well as people who travel there and honestly report on what's happening. I've learned a lot about the country.
    I was interested to find that they celebrate Christmas there, have public Christmas trees, etc. Christians and Muslims all celebrate together as brothers and sisters.

    I live in the U. S. I grew up Catholic but no longer believe in gods or religions. But I'm not bothered by people who do. I find their earnestness charming and even enjoy some Christmas carols as long as I ignore the lyrics.

    I really like Christmas time because the message of the book A Christmas Carol resonates with me. I believe in kindness, generosity, and acting in a loving and caring way towards all people.

    The religious implications don't interest me. They are totally mythological. I can relate more to the Pagan solstice origins and symbology, the return of the sun and a new cycle of rebirth. I reject the crass consumerism and commercialization. But, like you, I really enjoy Christmas trees, decorations, lights and the festivities associated with the holiday.

    Why don't you put Spiderman riding a toboggan down your fake snow-covered roof, along with reindeer, Santa, colorful lights and other decorations? It would be fun, in keeping with the holiday, and not Christian at all. haha teasing.
    I see totally nonsectarian holiday decorations all the time, though. After all, what do Santa, Frosty the Snowman, the Grinch, cartoon characters, superheroes and Christmas trees have to do with Jesus?

    Merry Christmas, Happy Yule and Blessed Eid to you, my sister.
    • Hahaha thank you :)

      I love A Christmas Carol too- we studied it last year, the movie and the book are both amazing :)

    • shephardjhon

      If you look up Surah Maun, it basically describes Scrooge from Christmas Carol:

      Seest thou one who denies the Judgment (to come)?
      Then such is the (man) who repulses the orphan (with harshness),
      And encourages not the feeding of the indigent.
      So woe to the worshippers
      Who are neglectful of their prayers,
      Those who (want but) to be seen (of men),
      But refuse (to supply) (even) neighbourly needs

  • Lightningfire
    Interesting MyTake! 👍 I’ve always wondered what people of other religions do at Christmas and other western celebrations. I think Christmas is quite secular and for everyone to enjoy whether you believe in it or not. Many of its traditions are actually Pagan and come from Yule, which celebrates the winter solstice. I’m surprised you get a slating when you tell people you don’t celebrate Christmas! It’s a free world. Anyway, what is the most important Islamic celebration? 😊
    • Oh really? I didn't know that many of the traditions were Pagan.

      As for the "slating" well many people where I live are mature enough to know that people are different and like you said it's a free world, so not everyone should be obligied to celebrate it. Online, however, is a difefrent story. 😂

      Anyways, I guess the most known Islamic celebrations are Eid ul fitr, and Eid ul adha.

      Eid ul fitr marks the end of Ramadan and trust me- it's amazing. A whole month of not eating or drinking throughout the day- then on that Eid you can just eat and drink as much as you like.

      Eid ul adha is to remember sacrafice :)

    • Sounds good 👍 You know how the Islamic Calendar is based on the moon, is it true that the Muslim celebrations can fall in any season, or is there like a cut off date?

    • There's really no set date for Eid, like there is for Christmas. But we can't just celebrate Eid whenever we want😂It's based on the moon sighting as you said- and for that year, Muslims agree on about the same date for that year.

  • Thanks for sharing this MyTake! This was interesting to read and know what Muslims do around Christmas time. That Spider-Man pic is cool by the way lol

    I have a question tho xd, one of my other best friend's husband is Muslim, yet he celebrates Christmas with her and with pleasure as well. Does that go against y'all's region?

    (Btw, you might wanna remove that sentence about Santa near the end if you can... you might ruin some children's dreams too early...) o. o
    • 😂😂The truth is the truth and thanks, nice to my my googling efforts are appreciated ;)

      As for your friend's husband- I mean I guess some Muslims would see it as going against the religion and others wouldn't. I suppose as long as he doesn't believe in it, it wouldn't go against our religion- but some Muslims may argue differently- because different people interpret things differently. :)

    • Stingray444

      Hehe, well, only the truth will do😅 Anytime! And Fr tho, I like your way of finding pictures 😉

      Hmm, good point. Thanks for explaining and clearing that up, now I get why. I'm pretty sure he doesn't fully believe in our religion, otherwise he'd be called a Christian then 😂 At least he still chooses to make it special for her by either pretending or maybe even actually enjoying it too

  • JohnPrestwick
    Thank you for sharing your take.

    On an unrelated note, in response to one of the other comments, a lot of people don't realise that Islam gave women better rights than they had before, as did Christianity.
    That's cool i always like your my takes. Very informative. I'd give you present and a card. 😂 so now that is over with I want to know about Eid. Tell us what you do with that and what you believe in. It is only fair. Maybe even talk about Ramadan. More info the better I know your mytakes will be excellent as always. 😁 love ya my friend and Happy Holidays.
    • I talked about Ramadan wayyyyy back now- I always write questions about Eid, but I'm always too busy to write a MyTake about it- but don't worry next time Eid comes about, I'll make time to write about it! xD


      Yay!!! Maybe i can look back in your extended archive and dig out the info. 😂

  • Matt57
    Awesome MyTake. To me, things like Christmas and Thanksgiving here in the US have turned in to more of being just another holiday to spend time with friends and family, which I think is great. It also seems like you kinda see it that way too.
    • Thanks man! ^_^

      Thanksgiving isn't really a thing in the UK- I don't know anyone who celebrates it🤷🏾‍♀️

      To be honest, whilst some do still view the religious aspect of Christmas (which I totally understand and respect) I feel like many also see it as you do too :)

      Are you a Christian just out of curiousity?

    • Matt57

      I wrote Thanksgiving as specifically a US thing, so it’s only celebrated here. What I meant is that it transcended it’s original meaning/purpose as “celebrating” the arrival of the Settlers to the “new land” and sharing a feast with the Natives. Of course that is a sugar coated version of American history, and now we mainly just see the holiday as a means of spending time with friends and family like I said.

    • Matt57

      I grew up Catholic, but now I’m just Agnostic.

  • Insomnia72
    I know Christmas has it's delusions. But doesn't your Islamic religion as well? And Muhammad wasn't exactly a version of friendly Santa but a terrorist, butcher and rapist.

    Whatever version of Islam you follow, it's not something I find in league with human/women rights charters of today. The American Constitution is constantly been upgraded to suit a more humane sense of justice and equality as per gender and race... but is Islam doing the same?

    I just don't see religion upgrading with the times. It may in person, in individuals, but you all still carry around the same old books. Why?
    • I just want to say I do not belive prophet Muhammad was anything how you described- and actually, women have many rights in Islam, if you study it properly.

      We don't change our book because it is the word of Allah (God) and we believe if you change it it is no longer Allah's word but is man's instead.

      And I don't think it is my place to say Christmas has it's delusions because people believe in it and celebrate it. Who am I to disrespect what other people celebrate?

      Had you read this MyTake rather than looking at the word "Muslim" and getting triggered- you would have learned something.

    • Insomnia72

      I just know what things are written in the islamic books of heresays, the sunnahs and hadiths. It's not pretty. Muhammad bashes females to the core. It wouldn't be added to a woman's rights charter. Can we agree to that?

    • No we can't agree. I strongly disagree. I don't believe Islam bashes women- actually in many ways my religion empowers me as a young girl.

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  • NickiB
    Oh cool mytake one day you'll have to give me more details on Eid. I love learning about others religions.
    • Sure, I usually always write a question about it- but this year, I'll write a MyTake about it- I've been meaning to, but I'm always SO busy at that time of year- I never get the time😂😂

    • NickiB

      I understand completely.

  • ryudomasters
    Honnestly most people don't celebrate Christmas for religious reasons. Its just a time of the year to make an effort with your family and have fun etc
    • Hahaha true, but I've known some people to take it religiously still :)

  • Historylover18
    The only reason Christmas is still a national holiday in Western countries is because it's good for business. I say this as a Christian. If it weren't for consumerism Christmas would be just like every other religious observance
    • Yes, I've heard that saying many times. And I agree with you to an extent but I've known some who still see the religious aspect of it :)

  • WhereAmI
    Well that's gotta suck being a kid and growing up to see your friends get Christmas gifts. What did your folks have to say about Santa? Did they crush your spirit saying he's not real at the age of 3? 😕
    • Well, I mean it doesn't suck really- I knew from a young age we didn't celebrate it and we usually got money on Eid so they pretty much compensated.

      My dad said Santa wasn't real but I didn't believe until I discovered myself. I got taught from a young age: "Santa doesn't bring you stuff, if you're parents so you appreciate us xD"

    • WhereAmI

      I don't know that just kinda of ruins the spirit of a kid not waiting for gifts from Santa in my opinion. How can a 5 year old appreciate money? 🤔

      They want presents, damn it! 😂

    • WhereAmI

      Betcha ypur parents told you the tooth fairy didn't exist as well. Had to pawn those teeth to other kids at school for money. 😂

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  • MackToday
    What Christians are celebrating is actually called yule, it's a European pagan holiday. A hold over from all those European tribes that got slaughtered and subverted to be used as slaves and solders to conquer territory that we get blamed for even today. There is some evidence that Christianity and Islam are the same religion that split apart in the distant past.
  • deadman69
    Well its celebrated around here too. Especially in the embassies they have the whole deal and stuff. So yeah no judgment for anyone 👌
    • Oh really? I had no idea to be honest. Do you guys get time off school and work and stuff? :)

    • deadman69

      Not really cuz there's a minority of Christians. Although if they do take a week off there's no issue. People understand that

  • Philyouup
    I really liked this!!! Great job and a lesson in tolerance that most of the world should learn. Kudos and very much a Christmas message !
    • Thank you and I totally agree, especially on G@G where I see people becoming less and less tolerant of each other. :)

  • MannySimms
    After the Christians re purposed the Pagan solstice holiday, they fucked up. It's become secular and we do the Santa thing. Just keep good cheer in the Holiday Season and have fun! Eat like there's no tomorrow.
  • aeon95
    Most people who celebrate Christmas aren't religious.
    • True, I know more atheists who celebrate it than Christians to be honest.

  • edwilliams580
    My grandparents were strong Christians, my mum and dad are and always have been athiest. I too am an atheist, but i have always celebrated Christmas. I dislike Christmas more and more each year, especially as it is so commercialized. This year, i actually feel fed up with it. I wish i could just not celebrate it at all
  • HonestWeirdo
    good read. Hopefully this will enlighten a few people
  • Deathraider
    It’s kind of weird when you look into history. Christmas is actually not very much Christian, it was more pagan of origin, originally called Saturnalia.
  • Sevenpointfive
    google translate didn't come through for me this time but i think i heard jew
  • NagisaAkabane
    I'm also a muslim and I live in muslim majority country. So when Christmas come, it wasn't something tht really special, but the decorations in the mall is so beautiful during Christmas. But that's the only things that different here. In my country majority is Muslim, followed by Buddhist, Hindu and lastly Christian. Majority of the muslim in my country do not celebrate Christmas at all because it is say that muslim were forbidden to celebrate any celebration that is about other religion. But, of course all of us respect all of the religion here.
  • ObscuredBeyond
    Here's the thing: the Nativity is distinguishable from Yuletide, as the two celebrations have effectively been merged into one thing as early as the Catholic Church. In fact, Christmas as we know it wasn't celebrated by the Puritans, because they wanted to separate themselves from Catholicism by not letting pagan Yuletide traditions bog down their focus. Yuletide appeals to everyone.

    But when the implications of Christmas at a more fundamental level are analyzed... suddenly, the wicked feel threatened. Hence, why the FFRF initiated the "War on Christmas" in America. Telling, in that they leave Muslims alone, since, in spite their name, the FFRF is really just an anti-Christian hate group.

    So while I highly doubt that the Nativity and all elements are warmly welcomed in all those homes, Yuletide celebration as a separate entity has appeal to pretty much everyone, with a few noble exceptions.
  • sean1234
    As a Christian, I'm saying Christmas is PAGAN! Christmas In Britain As A MuslimGolden child in the Vatican treasury, like so many other images of the child in Catholic Churches, is reminiscent of the ancient worship of Tammuz as a child. Born on Dec. 25, he represented the rebirth of the sun. As a pagan god child, he was called “Baal-berith.” Pagan Anglo Saxons called Dec. 25 “Yule” Day, which is a Babylonian word for infant. Egyptians and Persians celebrated the birthday of their god on Dec. 25th. Other names applied to the sun god as a child are Mithras, Horus, Isvara, Deoius, Jupiter, Plutus, Ninus, Osiris, Dionysus, Bacchus, Iacchus, Adonis, Attis etc. All these myths of child worship originated from ancient Babylon with Semiramis and Nimrod.
    • sean1234

      To make a long story short, Christmas is the most EVIL day of the year. December is the most evil month. It makes people crazy, inconsiderate, selfish. December 25 becomes self gratification day with presents and celebrating a PAGAN holiday that was out right evil that has NOTHING to do with Jesus and has no place in the kingdom of God.

  • Gedaria
    Sorry. I'm not Muslim, but I don't do anything connected to Christmas. Such a load of rubbish. Christmas that is...
    • Have you read A Christmas Carol?😂

      I mean come on that's disrespectful some people love and celebrate it.

    • Gedaria

      Celebrate what, the birth of Christ? But Christmas isn't it's just a ridiculous set up of things people do. They it's for the kids and spend a lot of money on booze..

    • Well to a number of people it's important- so I wouldn't disrespect it.

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  • tiajoka
    I suppose if you didn't grow up with it, it would be pretty weird to be celebrating it all of a sudden.
    • I was born in England, I've grown up with Christmas- just don't celebrate it.

    • tiajoka

      I mean grow up celebrating it. Your parents didn't. It just made me think about how tradition makes us do some silly things sometimes that we wouldn't otherwise.

  • shephardjhon
    Another Muslim here in the US. I kind of look forward to the decorations, the lights, the songs, the themed tv and movies but don't actually take part. I do wish Christian people Merry Christmas as well out of respect. I also get a holiday that day so I sometimes fly over to visit my family in other cities in the US.
    On the other hand, on Thanksgiving, my Muslim family members do celebrate and try to cook a turkey if they can find a halal one.

    To anyone who celebrates, have a Merry Christmas.
    I never knew Spider-man had so much Christmas stuff out there lol.
  • jackdaniel312
    You ever had Christmas in New Orleans it’s absolute hell
  • Waffles731
    Elf is the best Christmas movie, followed by, A Christmas Story, and then Die Hard
  • Hossein_salehi_pat
    I am a muslim too
    Religion Judgment Counseling According to the assessed questions the difference between humans can be chosen
  • KaraAyna
    Good take
  • Areatrea
  • I'm a Buddhism but I love Christmas too lol
  • AkshiJanjua
    We celebrate Diwali 💥
  • Marab
    Noel is funny.