Why you shouldn't participate in the Christmas Shoebox program.

Why you shouldnt participate in the Christmas Shoebox program.

Every year as a child in Church and School we would be encouraged to fill up a shoe box full of toys and goodies to send to Children in 3rd world countries who were not as fortunate as those in The West. I have also volunteered a couple times with Samaritans Purse who is the organization who heads this operation. The task I was put to was going through the shoeboxes making sure That They meet their "standards". In short we had to remove Chocolate candy, pokemon cards, Harry Potter stuff, and any Japanese anime stuff because it was considered offensive to the ministry. However, that's not why I don't support them anymore

1. The shoeboxes are often filled with items that the Children in most of the countries don't have any use for. Most boxes include Hats, Scarves, gloves, and winter wear. Most of these boxes go to nations in Africa, The Caribbean, Asia, and South America where the people have no use for them because the climate is too warm for these items.

2. It disrupts the local economy. Many toymakers, candy sellers, and vendors who sell their wares in those nations are often challenged by the introduction of cheaply made toys and candies introduced into their respective area by the shoeboxes. Most of these children have probably never seen a toy that runs on electricity or batteries in their lives. Most kids may not even know how it operates.

3. The organization itself is rather pushy of religion in countries where Christians are not exactly the majority or welcomed. Most schools do not add religious material or tracts to the shoeboxes, but once they get to the sorting center it is AUTOMATICALLY included in ALL boxes regardless. There is a tract that is added with this exact quote: "that all those who do not believe as they do will be eternally, consciously tormented in hell forever by God" Do we really want to include that into a gift that is supposed to be about loving and caring? Oh, and the boxes are distributed months after December often in Summer months and in order to get a shoebox children often have to attend a religious service or Bible School for a whole week. So really what good is it?

I'm not anti christian, in fact I am a Christian myself. However I don't like the idea of shoving my beliefs down others throats or being evangelical. I'm also not anti charity because they do need support. There are a lot of domestic and international charities that help people that support a great cause. I'm sure that the people who pack shoeboxes are well meaning and want to help out, but there are better ways to do it. I might end up doing another mytake later on good charities to help during the Holidays.

Why you shouldn't participate in the Christmas Shoebox program.
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  • aicarg
    I have a cousin who does ministry work in Indonesia and is familiar with Samaritan's Purse and their Operation Christmas Child Program. He has never told me of the standards in which you have mentioned in saying that pokemon cards, Japanese Anime or Harry Potter stuff isn't allowed... I mean I recall the pamphlet stating no war related toys as it can trigger unwanted feelings in children who had faced living in war related areas, no chocolate or candy as it can melt, no items that can cut or shatter - so no glass/mirrors or such. I also never heard that those whom administer these gifts "force" upon their Christian faith in order for the children to receive a shoebox. My cousin simply says that most boxes aren't throughly inspected, so things like chocolate, shampoos or lotions end up damaging the boxes, or because of tough customs and the boxes being transported here and there, lots end up damaged and not being given to children. So instead Samaritan's Purse has other ways one can support families in third world countries in need by directly donating. Which is what I was advised by my cousin to actually do - things like buying a mosquito net to prevent malaria, create a water well to supply clean water in a village, buy livestock for a family... as it's more practical.
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  • purplepoppy
    Big charities are all just a scam. Most of the donations go to pay executive wages. I'd rather give my money or time to small good causes.
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  • SirRexington
    Their economy and government need to change
    That's what will help those people. A government that isn't corrupt. A government that isn't benefiting from US dollars while the people starve. An economy that is run for the people, by the people.

    Giving them toys will not help. Them liberating themselves economically will.
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  • KieranByrne
    British heart foundation, 80% of items on shop floor are 'Brand new', no money from those goods go to the charities.
    Insulting, worked their for nearly 5 years total and screwed up for 'Retail', money grabbing.
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    • EmmaMary

      All of my family, me included, have donated items to the BHF for years.
      I'm extremely interested to know just where the hell does the money go then?

    • KieranByrne

      21k a year, manager, 18k a year warehouse manager, 12k warehouse assistant and sales assistant. Then there is regional manager and the higher end people, brand new items probably cost around 12% to produce of what they sell for.

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  • BunnyBun717
    I like your arguments! I've never heard of this program but you seem to be knowledgeable about it and you're very convincing! I would appreciate a MyTake on good charities that do the same kind of thing if you have the interest/time for it
  • Ken201
    Sounds like issues that have been fixed. They include a list inside that says things to include that all regions would use.

    Also it's funny you think they buy candy or toys from the local stores there are none like we have here.

    As for religion well no different then is being brain washed by our media social media and tv here to accept every one utterly crazy and selfish.
  • DizzyDesii
    I mean its still a good deed to do but i never trusted charity anyways so i rarely do anything for em. I just pay my tithes and leave it at that
  • MannySimms
    I'm against ALL organized religions. They have but 1 goal.Why you shouldn't participate in the Christmas Shoebox program.Why you shouldn't participate in the Christmas Shoebox program.
  • Titanic1912
    That’s the dumbest reason you quit! I have no respect for you for typing that! Just because the ministry thinks it’s offensive doesn’t mean you shouldn’t help those that are less fortunate! For a long time I’ve had a lot of words that I’d like to say to people like you! Well, being a Christian man I won’t say them!
  • MissDawn7961
    I think it is cool and I will participate in this if I want to ! just because the one who wrote this question is mean and jealous does not mean that every one else is too ! Thanks
  • cice411
    When you go to bed at night, remember there are Americans who don't have food. The world has been taking advantage of us and our good nature "help the world," as a means to live off of us.
  • That is well thought out! Thank you!
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Interesting eye-opener. Thanks for sharing this.
  • kim45456
    Good take! I agree with all points
  • KaraAyna
    Good take