Being Called Cute VS "Hot"

Being Called Cute VS

I absolutely hate being called cute because I associate cute little puppies and kids. I told my friend and she said that being called cute is a good thing. I feel like in society though everybody wants to be "hot". Some people don't like being called hot because they feel like their body is the only thing people judge. Is it even possible to be cute and "hot"? I don't think so. Cara Delevinge is adorable and completely badass, but I would never call her cute.

Being Called Cute VS "Hot"
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  • Benramz
    Cute: Young, Innocent, Not everyone notices her but the few who do are the luckiest guys ever.
    Hot: Head-turner, Flaunting her beauty, No matter what she wears guys can't stop looking at her. Guys who get this girl will always be concerned that someone will try to steal her since they're all looking at her.
    Being "Hot" is to be noticed. Some people want that, but if you're in a serious relationship... attracting attention is probably not the best idea. It tends to cause trust issues. And if there's one thing you cannot easily regain, it's trust.

    Side Note: Somehow I associate the word "flirting" with "Hot" girls.

    Here are a couple pics of what I picture for each word

    cute girl definition

    hot girl definition

    At the end of the day, YOU decide what word you want to be used to describe you. If you do a good job, maybe people will describe you by using your NAME, not some generic categorizing term like "Cute" or "Hot".

    Hope this helped.
    Good luck with your "Look"... ;-)
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    • Benramz

      Here is another example of hot girl image:
      hot girl image

    • Lololol the "hot" girl pics are hilariousss bruuh

  • DinosaurKnight
    The relationship between various descriptions of attractiveness is complicated. They don't all mean the same thing, but they're not directly comparable. One isn't necessarily better or worse than the other.

    To me, words like "pretty" and "cute" denote aesthetics -- they describe what someone looks like. "Pretty" is used to describe a woman who is attractive in a classical, conventional sense. "Cute" denotes a youthful, innocent kind of look and often an upbeat personality (always smiling, bubbly personality, that kind of thing).
    cute girls can be hot
    "Hot" is less about aesthetics and more about attitude. It's about how a woman dresses and presents herself. A "hot" woman carries herself with confidence and maybe a a bit of sexual aggression.

    A woman can be "pretty" or "cute" without being "hot" -- I've met several in my life -- and still be very attractive. "Hot" doesn't necessarily make or break overall attractiveness, it's just a descriptor of a specific kind of attractiveness.
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  • BTeal
    I've been called both "hot" and "cute" in the past, so I'm not quite sure which category I fall under (if any!).
    The way I use those terms might be different to most people: I only use "cute" for adorable things, so when people (guys and girls) have said I'm cute, I thought it was a bad thing - especially if I'm trying to come across as an adult etc. Some people use it interchangeably with "hot".
    I personally don't use "hot" to describe someone's attractiveness, but I would associate hot with being more on the sexy side of things and cute with being sweet and perhaps more innocent-looking, maybe?
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  • LindsayRB91rds
    I've been called "cute" more often than "hot" and I'm fine with it. When I hear that someone is "hot", that suggests they're sexually exciting, likely to put out or something to that effect. I'm much more complicated than that.
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  • GingerGuy
    Cute is definitely a good thing and guys aren't thinking little puppies and kids when they say it. For myself, it often goes hand in hand with beautiful. The picture above for example, cute and hot. Don't see a difference there other than the smile vs scowl lol
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  • Jusin
    Cute for me means I girl I find beautiful that is really kind and down to earth that I would want to date. Hot is kind of an attitude thing but also applies to girls who are really dolled up like when a girl gets ready for a romantic dinner and is wearing a beautiful dress and did her hair all nice. But hot also applies to when I'm getting intimate with a girl as again it is an attitude thing I'd say like when a girl is turned on. Not sure if that all makes sense.
  • Lliam
    Cute is hot. It's about the highest compliment a girl can receive. Most guys prefer the wholesome girl next door look. They like girls who are soft, cute, cuddly and kissable. It certainly doesn't rule out being fully feminine.
    Hot implies attitude, like "popular girls" at school or attempting to be a sultry Instagram model. Hot seems kind of superficial and self absorbed.
  • oldanddecrepid
    Maybe it is my age, but to me cute is hot. A girl becomes hot by simply changing her hairstyle or wearing something different that appears more sexy.

    To obtain this you have to have a certain level of cuteness to achieve hotness.

    Case in point... a girl with a ponytail can be observed as cute, if she is wearing a nice floral dress etc., however put a slimline black dress on her and let her hair down she can become quite hot when you see her at the club!
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  • capturemyheartnow
    Being cute or hot is not one and the same thing. There is a hierarchy on the beauty scale. If 5 is Fair/Average , 6 is charismatic , 7 is cute/pretty , 8 is smoking hot , 9 is sex pot and 10 is perfect/divine.
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  • TheRevanchist
    If a guy says you're hot, it just means he wants to have sex with you.
    If a guy says you're cute, he not only wants to have sex with you, but he will probably consider a true relationship.
  • Kamiink09
    Most of the time guys call me cute but probably because I'm 5'0 and petite. I'm not normally called hot but I have been called sexy. I don't mind cute though.
  • posted
    Rarely call girls hot, unless she's in my bed, every other time usually just cute.
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  • TheBraveLion
    I don't like being called cute either :/ haha I don't even associate it with being attractive, more on the "lets hug and hang out" side lol. Cara is HOT though :P
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  • Rob197782092
    No its impossible to be both. but i'll let you in on a little guy secret that no guy will ever admit to. guys may chase after the hot girls but they marry the cute ones.
  • AndrewTroy
    Ahhh yes. Cute. I mean, if you were hot, they'd call you hot, right? But, you're not hot, but you're not ugly. Lets call that… cute. You're cute instead.
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  • Hollywood-Glam
    I love being called cute. I understand why some people don't, but personally I love it.
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  • Sevenpointfive
    for me hot is a mindset and not how the girl looks (if we fuck)

    in a picture the difference doesn't matter
  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I'm petite with a bubbly personality. When I was a kid up to my early 20s, I was always called "cute" but I assumed because I'm short. Later on, "pretty" came into the picture but it oftentimes got paired with "cute" as in "petty cute" which was still flattering. The description "hot" didn't come into play 'til my mid/late 20s. "Hottie but Cuttie" and "Li'l Hottie" were what I heard most 'til my 30s. Now in my 40s, "Hot & Spicy" gets me cringing when a stranger or someone I'm not close to says that. It is flattering but I feel creeped out sometimes. I don't mind it at all if/when my husband & close friends tell me.
  • ZhiHana
    I do not like being called hot at all. I find it uncomfortable. I’m much more comfortable when people call me cute or pretty.
  • escapetomars
    To me "cute" and "hot" define different types of attractiveness. I like "cute" girls better.
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  • JensonStatement
    Cute is girlfriend and Hot is sex-and-throw-away.
    Remember, enough people want to smash you if that's what you want to know.
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  • Jamesol1
    Cute is like girlfriend material. Hot is like someone who looks like a model. For instance the picture on the left is 'hot' on the right 'cute'.
  • Tarnygosh
    I've been called both, but the I would love to be called beautiful more often instead of either
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  • Unicornkittykat
    Cute is more in your personality, and hot is more appearance, face, body, clothes, etc... Hell yeah I think someone can be hot and cute.
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  • TinyHope
    I have no problem with both two. Often called cute than hot, but yeah, I like being called hot too :)
  • HardRepublican
    This is trivial. Not of importance. I don't understand why women over analyze speech like this, especially when women's communication isn't even verbal speech. Anyway, cute or hot it doesn't really matter. Both is attractive. I like cute. Most men like cute. Some use the word interchangeably, between words like hot, sexy, cute, etc. If she does her hair a certain way, and wears something cute, than sure she'll be cute that day, or vice versa. You are reading to much into things. Cute girls are hot.
  • dave1558
    being called cute is better then being called ugly..
  • DDpsy
    Cara Delevingne is very cute. You are clueless and your argument is invalid.
  • Iron_Man
    Its all the same not everyone goes around saying she's hot
  • Bobby2003
    Girls tell me im cute and I don't mind but my grandmother tells me and I don't like it. It's like an adult pinching your cheeks just not cool.
  • sarah0208
    Everyone always tells me that I'm cute 😁 I don't think anyone have told me that I am hot ever lol
  • girlinthemirror
    cute is better than hot
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    • Lewis47

      Someone forgot to include the word gorgeous in these choices :)

  • worldscolide
    To me Cute and hot are interchangeable.
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  • RandomPerson1324
    Both of them are ugly...
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  • Big-A
    Cute is usually hot but not the other way.
  • clampfan101
    I think cuteness is very attractive.
  • Adigelunar
    ı like being called both
  • rere1971
    What does it mean if a guy calls me adorable?
    • DDpsy

      Ok let me translate.
      Hot=I want to have sex with you right now.
      Cute=I want to have sex with you in 2 hours and for the next few months
      Adorable.=I want to have sex with you now in 2 hours and for the next few months and you also make me think of puppies.

  • Anonymous
    I'd say that the main difference is where you feel it first when you see a girl. If she's cute it's more of a heart sensation. If she's hot it's about 2 feel lower than that.
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  • Anonymous
    Things like makeup can actually make a woman look sexually aroused, because when a woman's aroused blood rushes to her face deepening the color in her cheeks and such. That's a large part of what makes them look hot. News on the other hand looks more Innocent but not necessarily childlike.
    • Anonymous

      Cute not news. Lol I don't know how my phone made that mistake.

  • Anonymous
    I'm only 13 so I'm still basically a child so I really don't care about being called cute a lot. But from what people tell me cute means being pretty and feminine and hot is sexy and confident.
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  • Anonymous
    When someone talks bout "hot" they referring to your body attractiveness while "cute" referring to face attractiveness so girls who don't wear tight stuff we see face n say cute but girls who wear such stuff are called "hot" coz of body . I prefer cute cz nobody really wants hot girl they're like dumb blondes
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  • Anonymous
    I've always been called hot, never cute. Cute is weird. I don't call men cute either, its just weird. Is it a nice way of saying someone is average, doable but nothing special?
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    • DDpsy

      It appears to be used like that by females. When men use it usually signals that we are interested in a little more than banging you right there and we try not to blow our chance being too direct.