Similarities Between "Nice Guys" and "Sluts"


Blah, blah you think this is just one of thousands of takes i've written about comparisons. This is actually important because it goes along with a very important I want people to understand: trying so hard is usually seen as ******* disgusting. Let's dive in.

The Nice Guy & The Slut

Similarities Between

Similarities Between "Nice Guys" and "Sluts"

They both have a wide pool of people they like

The Nice Guy likes any reasonably attractive girl he can get to meet. He will be nice to all of them, he will open doors, he will offer support regardless of whether the girl is right or wrong in the situation. He will be a nice electric blanket in the winter of a girl's emotional turmoil.

The slut will sleep with any reasonably attractive guy that hits on them and puts in even the littlest amount of effort (Baby sluts 12-16 might just make out but to them it's like giving up sex) They will like the guy very quickly. They will respond to his raw masculinity. They will appreciate any attention he gives. They will sometimes even insist on giving and getting great sex as if that's more in their comfort zone than honest deep conversation.

They both have a desire to please even if it means occasionally pretending

The nice guy will will agree with things and look for anything he can say to show "they're the same" or "have a connection." He won't be able to help mirroring her body language. He will analyze how the interaction went afterwards. He will consider her tastes when he gets dressed, when he chooses a topic, when he decides to be funny or serious. As thinks making himself and his own tastes smaller will make her feel bigger and therefore more endeared to him.

The slut will be the guy's superfan. He will say how did the chicken cross the road and she will laugh her ass off. She will think about him. She will ask her friends about him. She will make out with a guy at a party when she's not even sure if there's a connection there yet. She may even research him through social media and find out his likes and make them her likes.

With age, each gender learns to appreciate them much more than they did before

Nice guys SHUT DOWN the marrying game. Famous for raising babies that aren't there's, the nice guys damn near perfect loyalty makes a woman who's been through quite a number of romantic ordeals a safe haven from emotional abuse and neglect. If a girls' been through a dramatic childhood or conversely had an amazing relationship with her father, she may see the merits of a man who puts her first early on in life. Nice guys tend to have one or two girls to fall in love with them by the time they're 25 and only go up from there. They may not be the first choice when it comes to a hookup, but if they can angle themselves as the boy next door they can be a force.

Sluts various sexual liasons get dramatically played down mainly by guys refusal to believe that a woman would actually go behind a TGI Friday's and have sex by the dumpster by the waiter/manager then turn into a classy woman who wants a nice marriage and kids. Yes, these women exist and are more common than you'd think.. Your sweetheart that you think is pure has a past and has had wants and needs just as primal as yours. Also, as men become more secure in themselves (something that can really only be truly achieved with age) they care less who she is, where she's from, or what she did as long as she loves them.

Both are incredibly confused why giving the opposite gender what they ask for ends up in failure

Nice Guys for the live of them can't figure out why jerks seem to run the dating scene. They chalk it up to low self esteem and keep pressing forward hoping to find a girl who likes their self-effacing ways. To them, it's simply unbelievable and against logic that a woman wouldn't want a guy who wants to take care of them and treat them like a princess from the start.

Sluts are also confused as they're lying there in the bed at 4 a.m. staring at the ceiling, feeling the stickiness of the guy's come on their thigh while the guy is giving excuses why she can't stay until the morning and that this very same thing happened to her three weeks ago and it seems like there's really no way to tell if a man is genuine. It never occurs to her that maybe immediate sex is not what a guy really wants after all as it's all men seem to talk/complain about.

Love Story: These two actually end up together

Like a fairytale, it's often the guy who's been through a number of ex girlfriends that treated him like **** and left him for the guy who manages the night shift at Dominoes who ends up with the girl who's been through a list of guys who treat like she costs $29.99 at Costco. They're both older and wiser and finally stop their idealizing long enough to accept each other for what they bring to the table and are willing to overlook the various ways both don't live up to their gender's ideal.

Similarities Between "Nice Guys" and "Sluts"

Similarities Between "Nice Guys" and "Sluts"
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Too simplistic in a very confusing and chaotic world. People always try to come up with an idea with how the world works. Its too complicating. Some nice guys change and then start plowing throug girls later. Some sluts just end up dead in a ditch somehwere. Some people just date people whobare just as similar or different then them. Its all just random shit going down.
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    • pavlove

      true but the point i wanted to get across is to stop being fake

  • Anonymous
    Wow, what a load of generalizations.
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  • Anonymous
    "Baby sluts" 😂😂😂😂
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