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What was the first job you had and how old were you?

My first job was babysitting. I was 11 and I babysat kids in my neighborhood.


Do you find tattoos attractive?

Just curious how many find tattoos attractive or not.



Why do some people like to live in cold places?

I prefer to live on a sunny beach, so my fair skin is tanned. If you had a choice, would you choose to live in a warm place or a cold place?


Does anyone else, NOT like dogs?

I think dogs are very cute, when I see a dog in public, trust me I get all happy and I’m like “aww a puppy!” however, personality wise, not a fan. i just think they’re annoying. They jump all over you when you walk in the house, they sit there and...


Would you ever sleep with your friend?

Would you ever sleep with you friend if both of you were single? Even if you were friends for a long time?


Which do you think is more beautiful?

Which do you think is more beautiful?


Why is it shallow if a woman wants to date fit guys?

But its ok for a man to date hot blonde women with big breasts? What twilight zone is this?



Reasons for My Zero Desire to Travel

If you are interested or curious about why I have no desire to travel, I invite you to read my post. 1. I am Happy When I am at a Home in My Familiar & Comfortable Environment I prefer the peace of mind & tranquility that comes with staying at a home in my...


Can girls grow muscle as easily as guys can?

I’ve heard girls can’t grow muscle as easily as boys so it’s put me off, I already have a kind of fat butt but I want to make it more round, thanks :)


Are men also ruled by their emotions?

So the joke is women think with their hearts and men with their heads but let’s be real many, many men are also ruled by their emotions. Anger being the main one overall I’d say. I’d guess men are just as emotional as women but simply can’t express it...


I just got this skirt!! Is it cute on me🥺?

I know how I am going to pair this with!! My momma says the skirt is a bit short but whateva I am young!! It kinda looks like a leaf lol XD


You guys do realize that race is a series of arbitrary phenotypes, right? Why obsess over a non-scientific biological concept?

I keep seeing ads and whatnot about race and I see questions about race.. it's like you people don't know the scientific community laughs the concept of race right out the door. Again.. race is a series of arbitrary phenotypes. It does not affect your...


Moral Dilemma: Who Deserves Your Seat?

In case you've never been on a city bus, in most cities the busses have signage above the first couple of rows of seats or seats that face each other near the front that indicate that these seats are for the elderly, handicapped, or infirmed and should you...


How does a "nice guy" fare in today's environment?

I believe myself to be a nice guy I'm 21 years old, my last 3 relationships I've been cheated on and don't know what to do.


Would you let someone housesit your home while you’re away?

I am not familiar with this concept but a lot of people on my last post mentioned doing so. I personally dont trust anyone enough to ever...