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Can girls grow muscle as easily as guys can?

I’ve heard girls can’t grow muscle as easily as boys so it’s put me off, I already have a kind of fat butt but I want to make it more round, thanks :)


Have you ever travelled alone or moved to another country by yourself?

I am such a family person and I've always been around my family but I want to move out of my country. I've asked my family if they want to move out of Canada and they said no. But living here is really messing up my mental health. I just don't want to...


Which fast food restaurant chicken sandwich do you prefer?

Feel free to put any other places you prefer if none of these are not


Should I breakup just because he’s a bartender?

I’m in a relationship with a man who has just become a bartender. I can’t sleep at night when he’s working. My anxiety, my insecurities, my expectation to be cheated on are at an all time high. I know it will sound pathetic but I don’t think I can stay...


What’s your favorite song in the world?

I love Gratitude by Brandon Lake or Burn the Ships by For King and Country Actually anything by King and Country is really good


I'm not attracted to black men physically, does that make me racist?

I'm a white girl, but I somehow just find black men (physically) unattractive. It's a preference but I don't know if that makes me racist. I don't...


Would you care if a girl lied about her age if she was only underaged by 1 or 2 years?

I'm now 18 but last year I found this guy that was 24 I dated him for a bit he found out I wasn't 18 but 17. He broke it off with me. Does that extra year really matter...


What's your favorite "pet name" in relationships?

My favorite is when my husband calls me "mama" or "mami".


Should I put myself out in the world again?

I’ve kept a low profile cause I think I’m safer if people can’t track me and my movements but I’m tired of not having people to talk to when I...


Is this manipulative or just clever?

Get your date to guess where you’re talking them, and then take them to the first guess.


Do you think this was a cruel thing for him to do to me?

I hooked up with a guy for 2 years. He said he didn't want a girlfriend the entire time. I fell for him. He eventually callously discarded me for...



Why is it shallow if a woman wants to date fit guys?

But its ok for a man to date hot blonde women with big breasts? What twilight zone is this?


Is it Rude to Send Out Invitations to a Bridal shower a week in advance?

I have a family member getting married and the wedding was planned months ago for next month. But they are sending the Invitation to the bridal shower 1 week away from when the event is to take place. I thought it was kinda rude they did it that way or...


Why are men so shocked when I pay for a date?

I went out last night with a friend that turned into a bit of date and when we went to go get food I paid. He hadn’t let me pay last time (it had...


How do you feel about professors? I don't think I like them that much anymore?

I tried to get into grad school twice and worked my butt off for professors as a unpaid assistant for 1-2 years. Still I got rejected twice and one of the recommendation letters I read afterward was extremely lukewarm about me. Now that it's 6 years...


What are some good Valentine’s day gifts for men?

I feel like I have to ask… It seems fairly easy to get the usual/general gifts for women… Ya know, chocolates, flowers, jewelry, handwritten card, and dinner, right? But what about men? What do they want/like for valentine’s day gifts? I find it...


Are men also ruled by their emotions?

So the joke is women think with their hearts and men with their heads but let’s be real many, many men are also ruled by their emotions. Anger being the main one overall I’d say. I’d guess men are just as emotional as women but simply can’t express it...


Guys, is it deal breaker when a girl makes the first step or pays the date?

I think it is ok to make the first step or paying the date but i have heard that some guys think it is unfeminine or unattractive. I personally...


What are some music genre (s) you CAN’T stand?

Honestly, EDM or modern rap music for me lol. It makes me want to bang my head into a wall.


How does a "nice guy" fare in today's environment?

I believe myself to be a nice guy I'm 21 years old, my last 3 relationships I've been cheated on and don't know what to do.


What was your biggest mess up at work?

I’ll go first: when I was 19 I accidentally backed one of the dealership’s loaner cars into their garage door… I felt so bad but my manager was awesome about it.


What are your views on women breastfeeding in public even if she's covered?

Also, why do you so many people in America have such an issue with a women feeding her baby?


In a Second Civil War: Could you slaughter your neighbor who was politically against you?

What’s your red line on killing the enemy in a Civil War…where brother fights brother?