Why I'm a Christian who happens to support marriage equality

Why I'm a Christian who happens to support marriage equality

This isn't a phrase you hear or see everyday, is it?

I've been a Catholic virtually my entire life. I do attend church, although not as often as I would like to. I do read the Holy Bible and I am a practicing Christian. I don't consider myself one of those radical Christians but I'm not a "Christian" who ignores all aspects of the Bible either.

I still have people confused how this can be. "You're a hypocrite"! "You don't know the Bible"! "You must be gay yourself"! The list is endless. However, it is perfectly logical for a Christian to support marriage equality and not be a hypocrite, nor should it matter in the first place. Below are my list of reasons and explanations as to why I stand.

1. Even though I'm a Christian, that doesn't mean everyone else is.

(meme created by yours truly, @CincinnatiRedsFan

Our first amendment rights guarantee a "Freedom of Religion" here in the United States of America. I don't care too much for our out-dated Constitution but even if we're not talking about the United States, I understand non-Christians exist. So even if you have a mindset "But homoexuality is against the Bible", this doesn't mean everyone else has to follow the Bible. This logic of thinking heaily fails, as you will see in my example below.

Let's say you are someone who loves to eat pork. However, let's assume a large group of Hinduists want to ban pork because it is against their religion. Wouldn't you agree this is narrow-minded? Wouldn't you feel as if these people are forcing their religion down your throat? Wouldn't you go into a rage because you can't have a delicious cheeseburger again?

This is EXACTLY my point. We have a freedom of religion and no religion should be forced on anyone(even if you live in a country without a freedom of religion,I still think you should be open-minded about this.)

2. Homosexuality/Not being straight as a sin is solely mentioned in the Old Testament in the Holy Bible

I mention this point to some people and I usually get a response which reads "So what"? Well, I hate to burst anyone's bubble but we're not living in the Old Testament era anymore.

If you're a Christian who follows our Holy Bible, you would understand that after Jesus died for our sins, we are now living in the New Testament era. This doesn't mean we aren't supposed to believe everything in the Old Testament but this does mean most of the rules/laws are out-dated and not taken as seriously as they used to. After all, why would Jesus die on the cross?

If you want to strictly adhere to the laws in the Old Testament, fine, go ahead. In Leviticus 11:9-12, it reads states that fish without scales should not be edible. In Levicticus 19:19, it reads we shouldn't mix fabrics or seeds. In Leviticus 11:6-8, touching pigskin is also forbidden. So, do these same people who oppose marriage equality, also oppose shellfish, mixed-frabicated clothes, certain seeds or American football?

The bottom line is, cherry-picking things from the Old Testament makes you look like a hypocrite yourself.

3. It's against Christianity for ME, as a human, to judge other sinners

This is the one people never realize in the first place. Let's just say you truly think non-straight people are sinners. Even if you have this mindset, you shouldn't judge them. In Matthew 7:1, it tells us not to judge others. So, by opposing marriage equality, I could argue this is actually a sin against God. Because by doing this, you're playing God and juging others.

So shouting "I hate fags" sorta makes you.....a sinner too.

4. Someone else's marriage doesn't affect my life or anyone else's

This is the utmost important reason I have. reagardless of your religious views or how bigoted you are, how are two people of the same sex getting married affecting YOUR life? It's between them, not you. There is no reason for me to care. It's like making soccer illegal because I don't like it, even though soccer players aren't.

If someone wants to talk about harming others, maybe we should look at how much we spend on marriage every year regardless. Although I would think this is a weak argument anyway.

Anyway, this concludes this take. This isn't solely a religion issue either. I know some atheists who have major issues with homosexuals. I just don't see why their marriages should have even been an issue.

London Andrews(pictured above) is a Bisexual model


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  • Great take! I'm also a Christian that doesn't have a huge issue with gay marriage. I'm aware that it's a sin. I'm aware that as a Christian I shouldn't like it because of that. But I'm a firm believer in hating the sin and not the sinner. That's what God's wants us to do. We shouldn't judge and be hateful because that too is a sin. We won't win any souls to Christ by being hateful. Jesus came to save the sinners. He died for all of us. He didn't come just to save the "perfect Christians". Even his disciples weren't perfect.

    I have no problems with people who don't necessarily like the decision. Everyone's entitled to an opinion. I do have an issue with people being rude and hateful. And I have an issue with other Christians who act as if I'm a lesser Christian because I don't hate gays.


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  • Like you and I am Christian (although a Jehovah's witness, not a papist ;)

    I have moral objections against homosexuality, just like I have about sex before marriage and sex outside wedlock.

    However, like you I accept that most people are not Christians and therefore should be allowed to do whatever they like, presuming they don't hurt others. In fact God have allowed mankind to live in sin, for a while, we should try to prevent this by laws but by arguments only.


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  • im all up for this gay marriage thing. i dont care and it doesn't effect me so people can do whatever they want but i will go cray cray if they change the flag. our flag isn't there to show our sexuality. i will not be okay with a rainbow flag as the symbol of our country. i personally think that they're taking it a bit too far. what about straight people? that flag doesn't represent us. im totally up for equality until people start taking it too far.

  • I agree with everything you pointed out, but I do believe homosexuality is mentioned in the new testament. i. e. Romans 1:26–27

    I don't see why Christians should have a problem with same-sex marriage. Atheists, Buddhists, and Muslims (all of which are not Christians) can get married. Therefore, marriage isn't solely a Christian practice and it shouldn't matter to us (Christians) if a man can marry a man. Although, I do think Churches should have the right to choose who can get married inside their church.

    • It's mentioned in the New Testament but it's not quite mentioned as a "sin", is it?

      Anyway, those were my points exactly!

  • Wow I completely forgot what you said after I saw that woman at the bottom, her body is insane lol. Awesome take though, I wish everyone was as open minded regarding gay marriage as you are :)

    • To be fair, that photo is six years old. She has gained a LOT of weight since that picture. Plus, the photo has been airbrushed and edited. She did have an intense waist to hip ratio but not near as good at that photo made her look.

      Anyway, thanks!

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    • lol, that's awesome, to your take being promoted and the video too lol

    • @GirlsLie I love watching her wrestling videos lol.

  • Good read!
    I didn't even know that homosexuality was solely mentioned in the Old Testament.
    I don't even know who gets to make the call what parts from the Old Testament is still true and what parts are not.

    • As a Christian, you believe everything in the Holy Bible is true (Old or New Testament.) That wasn't my point.

      It's how RELEVANT it is to modern day times. God used to punish sinners far more harsh than he did in the New Testament. Thanks to Jesus dying on the cross, the petty sins mentioned in the Old Testament are rarely a deal anymore.

      I'm just going by the actual Christian belief.

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    • I think the notion that "all sins are equal" is hogwash.

      So, these people treat mass murderers the same as someone who eats shellfish, right? I guess that means people who eat shellfish or commits sloth (as you mentioned, the seven deadly sins) should also get life in prison, right?

      It's Christians like that who make us all look stupid.

    • @bubble_tea

      Homosexuality was solely mentioned in the Old Testament, nevertheless Jesus repeated that the only acceptable sexual relation was between ONE man and ONE woman and only after they got married. So, although not explicitly mentioned it was still included.

      Christians are therefore prohibited from having more than one wife, sex before marriage and any kind of non heterosexual behaviour.

      In regards to 'all sins are equal' then answer is yes and no, depending on what you mean by equal. It's equal in the sense, you are either living in accordance with God law or you are not, if not er not 'you die*'. But different sins have difference consequence here in this world, and in that sense it's not equal at all.

      For instance having sex outside wedlock is a sin, but having 100 partners produces a higher risk for STD's then having 5 partners in life, the sin is however the same and the result is a broke relationship with God regardless of the number of partners.

      * judgement-day

  • Gr8 take and woah that lady is ❤

  • >____________< We are currently at a social impasse. You can't compete with moral accountability and we can't compete with free-will.

    • I'm confused...

      I know you're against gay marriage for religious reasons but if you read my reasoning, I made an argument it's AGAINST God to judge homosexuals and oppress them.

    • That's why we can't compete with anyone anymore.

  • Love this <3 haven't people heard about separation between the church and the state?

    • The problem is, separation of church and state isn't explicitly mentioned in the constitution. However, or First Amendment IMPLIES there should be a separation of church and state (i. e. Freedom of Religion.)

      So, instead of people using a LITTLE bit of critical thinking skills, people will shout "IT DOESN'T SAY SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE IN OUR CONSTITUTION"! I always have to explain this notion to people.

      I could argue out constitution is outdated anyway but that's a whole different argument.

  • "we're not living in the Old Testament era anymore."
    There's a whole lot to be said about that. The bible is always changing, depending on the environment or the people. There's a reason why the original is more closer to the word of God than the ones changed and amended over time. Do you not think there were no gays at that time? Why was it still not allowed then (according to the bible)? Why now, because of social reform people of faith are supporting things which are condemned in their religion. WAIT. Hold on, before you get heated. I understand that you don't have to be cruel towards homosexuals, or abuse them, hurt them, etc anything of that sort. That is wrong. But you can be against the hatred, and you should be. But that doesn't always have to correlate to supporting something that clearly is disliked by god. Yes, God loves all, and He loves us despite our sins. But a sin is a sin. We can't hurt or make others feel shameful for it but that doesn't mean we should support it either. That's where You, "As a Christian " supporting marriage equality seems a bit off. Because you are going against your religion to some degree by supporting a sin. As a christian you cannot support something God does not support, it just doesn't work. Maybe in newer versions of the bible, maybe. But you do realize, the newer versions have been changed and altered by people to fit society needs? So you aren't following the word of God when you say he allows it, you are following the pirests or whoever wrote it. Not saying the Old testament wasn't changed either, because it probably was as it was translated and a lot of things get lost in translation. I have nothing bad to say just that, you should know what you are supporting, and not just supporting it because everyone seems to think its okay or not okay. You can defend people for being delt with unjust, but being a christian I do not think you can take your religion seriously while balancing out the desires and wills of everyone else too.

    • I agree with you!!

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    • @Anonymous You're still missing the point.\

      As I already said about five times on this post, I'm just a FREEDOM supporter. It's not necessarily the lifestyle or even the marriage itself I support, it's the fact I agree with a separation of church and state and the fact religion and government shouldn't go hand in hand with each other.

      I'm not the "extreme" religious type but I still take my religion seriously.

    • No, I do see your point. And that's what I'm trying to say. Freedom supporter depicts that you support the choices of individuals, and their right to execute their free will. You are essentially saying that even if that free will and choice goes against the commandments of Gods, the freedom of speech and action is more important.
      I think what I'm trying to point out is another issue entirely. You cannot contain religion in a church, when religion is a lifestyle as well. It is a way of life, and a set of moral codes and behaviours. And many of those times, those beliefs interfere with the political beliefs. To contain the religion inside the church is to contain your practise of Christianity constricted to a certain environment. I do not mean to come off rude, but you cannot take your religion seriously if you dont believe its values cannot be applicable at a universal level. The word of God was meant to guide humanity, not to entertain beliefs inside 4 walls.

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  • Well I bat an eye at marriage equality, but not gun control. However, I get your point. Homosexuality doesn't harm or affect anyone at all. My neighbors could be gay and it has never affected me. In my personal opinion marriage has never been about love or religion very often anyways. It's just been a legal thing and it would be my only reason to actually get married as an atheist. Having pension, death benefits and hospital visits are important for my spouse which is my only reason for marriage.

    • My gun control meme wasn't for the sake of promoting gun control, it was just showing the hypocrisy of people who think gun control is bad because it 'violates" our second amendment, yet, these same people could care less about any other amendment (especially the first amendment.)

    • I care about all amendments in moderation.

  • I find you you guilty of ignorance and/or lying.

    New Testament:

    Romans 1:26-27
    "Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones.

    In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error."

    1 Corinthians 6:9-10

    Or do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God. 11Such were some of you; but you were washed, but you were sanctified, but you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.

    • It still isn't explicitly mentioned in the New Testament.

    • you realize the term 'homosexuality' is not old enough to appear in scripture? i just quoted you two new testament sections condeming same sex sexual activity... you didread, right?

  • most christians dont follow the bible anyhow. i think a christian should divorce his or her political views with religious views. those who say its against God and it shouldn't be allowed are retards.

  • Why did you bother to read the Old Testament? Just a humble question... But to put that in light with your comments... I would say it is up to people to decide what they want to do - and God will judge them, their judgement is not for us.

  • The Bible has been rewritten a few times through history. Maybe it's about time it gets a modern update. I wonder, is there an organization that's actually working on this?

    Anyway, nice read. Live and let live I'd say.

    • And of course, if all religious people had your mentality the world would be a bit of a nicer place for sure.

    • @Remonster I have no clue what is going on with the Bible to be honest.

      Thanks man! I appreciate your kindness.

  • Gross, liberal Christians.

    • Ha-Ha-Ha. I dont think you can be both liberal and Christian. Yet somehow...

    • I'm not a Liberal. Just because I support a view which is generally Liberal, doesn't mean I AM a "Liberal."

      I'm moderate-thinking and I don't affiliate myself with political parties.

  • Well you're going to Hell now.

    • Hell doesn't exist, and it's unbiblical by the way, so who cares.

    • @oracle12c Matthew 18:6 "If anyone causes one of these little ones--those who believe in me--to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea."

      Now think about that while I block you.

  • Literally every Christian I know supports marriage equality, and I know a fair share of Christians.

    • Well you live in the United Kingdom so it's different.

      Here in the United States, many Christians will rant on about how "Gays can form a union but don't use the word MARRIAGE", which makes no sense anyway.

    • Da, I saw the Top Gear episode. Unsettling how different some of the states are from one-another.

    • Yes, our states vary so much.

      Hawaii is practically a different country than West Virginia lol (just one example.)

      We're still heavily divided by the "north" and "south" as well, which is sickening.

  • honestly I don't get the bible like why are you updating yourself and choosing what you want to believe in.
    I really do feel that there was something wrong with its writing and it needs a change.

    • I see your point here.

      The Bible itself is very difficult to interpret. It makes you wonder what it REALLY meant at times.

  • Stop condoning sin you heretic, sodomy absolutely is prohibited in the New Testament. Gays cannot be married.

  • The religion of equality wants to render everything equal. A society that refuses to see different things as different, let alone dare to judge them, is morally bankrupt and doomed.