Another Reason Couples Stay Married: The $$$

Another Reason Couples Stay Married: The $$$

I want to make this really brief, because I know a lot of the traditionalists won't like me posting this but here it goes:

A lot of long term marriages didn't stay together because of the kids/love but because of money too. For example, if the husband and wife have a mortgage together, divorcing could have a lot of consequences. If they divorced and neither one can make the payments by themselves, then it would either be lose or sell the house. So even if they have a bad relationship, many couples will stay married because they don't want to lose all their money, or have to pay off leftover debt.

Another few more consequences would be that many places won't hire you without having a good credit score, and you might not be allowed to rent apartments either. So by defaulting on a loan or going bankrupt, your credit score will be shot. So many people stay married not just because of the kids, but but to protect themselves and their own finances.

I haven't read a marriage/traditional family mytake on here that does mention money. At all. Everyone really avoids that point. They try and pretend it's all emotional, or that married couples are automatically more mature and better than single parents or divorced couples. But from my pov that's just living in a fantasy world. Money does matter, and it matters quite a lot whether people will admit it or not.


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  • Money only matters because we make it matter in todays society
    Human beings have become slaves to currency, its pathetic really. how we allowed ourselves to get completely trapped by this system...

    • the same was true for the older couples too. probably even more.

    • today's society does encourage more debt though.

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  • Hmm might b the reason some couples do stay together. But u have to admit that not all might have that reason only.

    And yes, some might even have love as a reason too. It is not impossible.


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  • Do you have sources to back this? Its just statisticly almost 50% of marriages end in divorce (usually filed by the wife) which would suggest this is not as big an issue as you seem to represent it as. Also since alimony childsupport are almost exlcusively paid for by men women would really not be affected by this since they would still make the same amount of money but also recieve exra payments from there exhusbands.

    • there don't need to be sources, that's how the finances of everything works. and child support payments can be so low... only 20-30% of the paycheck. I'm not sure about alimony. and someone gave me the link to this:

      and there's plenty of other articles about it, if you search 'divorce myth' on google.

      and the same statistic/place ( National Center for Health Statistics) that you got 80% from is also the one that the 50% myth came from, so I wouldn't say it's reliable.

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    • That was what I was looking for, that is a reasonable argument to make. It makes sense.

    • xD I'm glad you liked it... I think it actually adds to my mytake. because the couples who divorced didn't really understand anything about the finances or debt, and a lot of the time, when people divorce they'll just end up with even more debt because of the court fees. but they divorce anyway, because they still can't handle their partner's debt and they'll finally be able to make their own financial decisions by themselves.

      ... so I think the only difference between them and the avg long-term married couple, is that the married partners understood finances enough to know that divorcing would hurt them a lot financially. so they made sure the marriage stayed together, so at least they wouldn't have more and more debt that they'd have to deal with alone, on top of losing a lot.

  • I stay for the sex. LOL.

  • That way I'm more than sure how fail the worlds economy nowadays is. No changes but drops.

    Also, men should have known better on what they were getting themselves in to.

    Hail the power of the witnessing!

  • Only for girls. It's a bad financial decision for any guy.

  • Only for women.

    • only what? plenty of men understand finances too.

  • The best option is avoid all of that crap to begin with. Either pump and dump, or cohabit if relationships are your thing.

    • pump and dump? do you realize what kind of risk that is?

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