5 Reasons Why Many Men Don't Want to Get Married

After roaming around this site for a while it seems evident that a lot of women are confused and don't understand why a lot of guys look down on marriage. I'm going to make this short and simple.


Yeah it's true, a lot of guys don't want to commit. It's not a bad thing, it's just being honest. Making a commitment to a person you're planning on having a marriage with is huge and a lot of guys feel like they're going to lose some freedom because of this. By not committing you're basically free to do whatever you want. Truth is, a lot of guys are fine with it.


While it is statistically true that married couples have a lot more sex than single people, there have been plenty of situations in all kinds of marriages where the woman suddenly just doesn't want sex anymore. Don't get me wrong sex isn't everything but it's a lot especially to men. So if a guy ends up in a situation where sex is virtually non existent in his marriage, at some point he's probably going to be pretty annoyed. Not to mention a lot of women withhold sex just for a power trip.


These are changes in lifestyle and the woman's personality. When men get married they want nothing to change. Maybe some do but most of them really don't. When most men get married they still expect to keep the same lifestyle. Which means playing basketball or football with his boys, watching the game on Sunday, going drinking with his boys, going to the shooting range or whatever he likes to do. Truth is, when many women get married, they change. A lot of them get bossy, controlling, manipulative. Men don't like that. The one thing men are hoping for after he gets married is that the woman doesn't change.


Yep, divorce. This is the biggest and probably the only reason for some men on why they don't want to get married. The court system screws men over relentlessly. Men are forced to pay alimony (unless the wife makes significantly more money which rarely happens), child support, can lose their house, car, kids, retirement savings, insurance and basically everything else he had before marriage. It's a crappy deal. Of course you don't go into marriage expecting a divorce but sometimes things happen. Many women will also deliberately trick men into marriage just for the sole purpose of divorcing him for he's assets. You'll never know because they put on a fake personality where they appear nice and sweet and then once they got you trapped you're screwed.


So for guys there are 3 options: One, get married and take a gamble with our lives. Two, don't get married at all. Three, if we want to get married try and make an attempt to find a woman who's richer than us.

Just to remind you this is not a generalization. Just reasons from a pretty decent size amount of men for why they're not interested in marriage.

That's it.


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  • Well, in point of fact, both lifestyles have to change for a marriage - aka, a "shared life" - to work. Any guy who thinks he can somehow maintain a bachelor existence when he's in a committed lifelong relationship needs a bite of a reality sandwich. And he needs to grow the hell up, too.

    There are perfectly valid points against marriage, however. Most of them aren't the fault of women but the fault of a broken legal/judicial system.

  • the part about withholding sex is so accurate.. I've seen women withhold it even when they wanted it too!

    women are power hungry.