9 Things Women Do When They Expect a Marriage Proposal

1. They go to fortune tellers to learn the exact time

"Tell me when he will propose!"

2. They always expect something when you go to the cinema or theater

3. They scan everywhere when you go to a restaurant

They may be looking for some hidden cameras.

4. They become well-groomed everyday

"What if it's that day?"

5. They watch proposal videos on the internet

"Awww that's so romantic."

6. They rehearse in the mirror

" Ohh no! Not that one. I look so surprised."

7. They try rings at the jewelry stores

8. They start to look for a wedding dress

9. They diet to look more beautiful in their wedding dress

- "You don't eat anything nowadays honey."

+ "I'm just having a detox."


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  • This post makes women sound insane... This can't be real.
    This is pretty much the process for men:
    1. Decide how you're going to do it.
    2. Choose a ring, or use a family heirloom.
    3. Propose.

  • Good to know. Now I just need to find a woman to propose to.


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