How and why to make your wife happy


I know that you're propblay thinking:"why should I take a 14yo's advice on marriage?" You shouldn't,but I can guarantee that if you do exactly as I say your wife will be happy. But first things first:

Why should you make your wife happy?

Because a happy wife makes a happy life. A man's happiness must be when he sees his wife happy. And if you don't make her happy she might cheat on you,or kill you,kr both.

How and why to make your wife happy

How to make your wife happy:

Make her stop nagging:

You know why your wife keeps nagging and shouting at you? She probably didn't do that before marriage but she does it now. That's because you don't do what she says anymore. You leave without telling her,she might tell you something and you don't even do it or don't do it immidealty.

How and why to make your wife happy

Show her that you still love her

Many wives feel like their husbands might have lost interest in them after marriage and they're afraid that they might cheat on them. So show her that you love her. Kiss her when you come back to work. Hug her show her that you still love her

How and why to make your wife happy

Buy her gifts

Even if she makes money as well,and even if she makes more money than you,you should still buy her a gift from time to time. Maybe a new dress or shoes that she wanted. And maybe raise the stakes a little bit more and buy her a golden ring.

LInclude a caption for your image…
LInclude a caption for your image…

Help her with some of the housework

I don't like Lenin,but I agree with him that housework almost kills women. That's why if you really love her you should do some of the housework. That would really make her smile

How and why to make your wife happy

I can guarantee you that if you do all these your wife will be happy. I know it can be hard and requires a lot of work but her happiness is what matters! Thanks for reading

How and why to make your wife happy
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  • IWannaKnowAlso
    I wished all men were like you. They may start like what you describe but never follow through for very long.
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    • Nadim171

      Thank you! I will always be like this

  • katkit04
    I think this is sweet
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  • devilish-cutie
    god bless 🙌
    after all those sexsist adds in 50s we need and deserve this even if its by small portion of world as is GAG
    How and why to make your wife happy
    • Nadim171

      Thank you! I will always make sure I treat my wife equally! Women aren't for cooking they're for thinking

    • cooking shouldn't be considered downgrading in the first place
      but anything that is considered "downgrading" or "weak" its somehow in relations to women

    • Nadim171

      Cooking could be a great hobby, I love cooking. It's not "weak" that's like saying it's feminine for Gordon Ramsey to be a chef. You gave me a great mytake idea, stay tuned!

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  • WTFever
    I did all that. And in return, when we were getting divorced, she killed my daughter and herself, so I wouldn't get full custody.
    • That has got to be the worst thing ever. I am so sorry that happened to you.

    • WTFever

      @IWannaKnowAlso Yeah, but it in the long run lead me to where I am at in my life now, which isn't too bad here.

    • Nadim171

      She really killed her? Well sorry for this but this has nothing to do with what I'm saying. She was a psychopath

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  • boggboss
    How to stop her nagging makes it seam more of a prison warden then a wife
    Agree withshow her love that should be a default same with buying her gifts treating ones partner is pretty normal so that shouldn't change for your wife
    The last one also seems common sence any normal person would help out around the house choirs can't be put on 1 partner them days have long passed with most households have bot partners working
    So apart from your first bit of advise I agree with everything else
    • Nadim171

      Thanks, but can you clarify your issue with the first oneM

    • Nadim171

      ?* not M

    • boggboss

      One does not get into a relationship to simply do everything there partner tells them to do if by default no matter how much you want to or not want to do something you just say yes to every request your partner asks out of a need to please them and not because you want to that is a toxic relationship your input and choice should always be valued if you want to do somthing and your wide don't want you to do it within reason you still have the choice to do it it don't mean she has a right to may So to speak many women wouldn't be happy in a relationship with a yes man

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  • Usernamesrdumb
    Happy wife happy life is admitting you are a slave.

    Happy partners should = happy life.
    • Nadim171

      Your happiness should be in seeing her happy

    • Lol keep drinking the kool aid young jedi.

  • 1828avaava1828
    humor, good sex, food, money

    not much else lmfao
  • ZeussLightningBolt
    Dude, you're 14.
    What do you know about your wife happy?
  • Liam_Hayden
    So basically become her slave so she doesn't yell at you? And people wonder why so many guys refuse to even consider marriage.
  • MajesticTwelve
    The gift section I have to disagree with.
    I don't need or want a new dress, shoes, etc, and if I do, I'd buy them myself, or if I was a stay at home, speak to my husband about it.
    But a flower (picked off the road, who cares) or something thoughtful, or getting takeout every once in a while when your wife is tired are pretty nice things.
    The housework thing, if I'm a stay at home, that's fine, I'll gladly do it all, so long as if something needs to be fixed he takes care of it.
    Overall not bad for most people, especially a 14 year old.
  • HereIbe
    Why? Because it's a hassle to get a new one.
    How? Have an income over ten million dollars (US) a year.
  • bigcuband
    Just eat her pussy give her insatiable dick, and clean up after yourself, oh and always make sure you and your breath smell good
  • Anonymous
    Can men please stop being simps. So basically treat women like royalty that’s why we have this whole generation of entitled brats thinking they are qUeEnS just for simply having a vagina and yet they still play victim. And I don’t blame women I blame the men who allow this shit why are they so pathetic How and why to make your wife happy
  • Anonymous
    Only a woman would write this.
    • Nadim171

      FUCK YOU

    • Nadim171

      You see... guess you can finally shut up now?

    • Anonymous

      Well, it's not conclusive evidence since it took you so long to do something it should have taken you 5 minutes, which makes me think you had to find someone else to help you, someone with a hairy hand. But I will stop accusing you of pretending to be a male, at least in the physical sense. But mentally you are definitely NOT male.

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