5 Little Things To Do To Make Her Happy

5 Little Things To Do To Make Her Happy

When I used to have a girlfriend, I did all these things for her and she loved it. Even though she left me for a rich guy, I still recall these simple acts on how to make her happy. That being said, I'd like to shed a light on this list on the little things to do to keep your girlfriend or wife happy!

1.) Gently massage her

Women can be stressed out and get tired too like men. When she comes home, make sure give her that soothing massage she longs for. Just make sure not to be too hard on the touch to avoid bruising her because men have thicker bones.

2.) Bake or cook for her

On dates, some guys usually take their girl out to eat while I cook dinner and bake cupcakes at my house and take my girlfriend at my house to eat. Like they say, food is a way to a person's heart and after all women love men who cooks!

3.) Help her with the laundry

If you live with your girlfriend or wife, you must help her do the laundry rather than just putting your used clothes in the hamper and it's better if you wash your own clothes and iron it yourself. I'm actually thankful as a man for learning these simple things in life, my girlfriend was amazed by this, so I'm pretty sure your girlfriend or wife will be as well!

4.) Support her dreams and goals

She needs a cheerleader like you to accomplish her aspirations and plans in life. She's gonna be down for sometimes and you should motivate her so that she'll know you'll be on her side despite struggles and obstacles in her life.

5.) Admire her independence

Since it's the 21st century where women are encouraged to be independent, there's no need to feel needed by her because she's also human and she can do things by herself (though you should still help her when she needs it). So don't get intimidated when she achieves a high ranking on a workplace. In fact, you should applaud her because you have a partner who's just as intelligent as you and at the end of the day, what matters most is she loves you for who you are and you must love her for who she is as well.

These are all tips that will make your girlfriend or wife happy!

5 Little Things To Do To Make Her Happy
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Most Helpful Guys

  • SoupDeJour
    Help her with the laundry. I offer to iron her (Dresses included.) clothes. At first apprehensive, but military know how to take care of clothes in all capacities. She likes that.
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    • Bella9191

      Yes military men can iron for sure it’s so true.

  • poneglyphs
    Damm dude If I was in a relationship I would totally do this. I will do this regardless.
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Most Helpful Girls

  • arabgoddess
    I need a man who does just that 😍 😍
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    • I am that man

    • Lololol so said every other guy and their promises were never fulfilled.. Actions speak louder than words 😂

    • armleg

      yeah but surely you can tell when a guy is legit and when a guy is just after sex like come on some guys are such douchebags but they still get pussy why is weakness something that makes a man unworthy of sex but literally not caring about another human being doesn't isn't it all meant to be about the longer-term greater good? why are women so concerned with having an orgasm that they will promote bad behaviours?

  • beautifuljoan
    Nice take! ❤️
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  • MzAsh
    This needs to be featured. 🖤 So much respect for men like this!
  • SydneySentinel
    Beautiful, sir! Thank you for sharing
  • Ciarle
    you must help her do the laundry? You DON'T HELP HER, it's a shared chore, it's something you're both supposed to do. By saying help her you're implying it's her job, that's highly sexist.
    • Bella9191

      I don’t think that’s what he is implying. I think he meant it as men sometimes think it’s a woman’s job and you need to help out and not leave it to her. He is being the opposite of sexist. But easy to misread xx

    • ^exactly miss

  • sparke328
    I love this take so much! I can just imagine someone doing this for me right now and I already love it!!
  • sagevvalentine
    Number 1 I really like. I love when my boyfriend strokes my hair or pats me or something like that. Sometimes platonic touching is really nice.
  • Unit1
    That's me! Perfect!

    Ladies, what are you waiting for? Why am I still single? Come on already and claim your prize ;) 👋
  • ShiblezNBitz
    I can relate it happened to me 5 years ago. It's like we do everything tho know her and get them to smile then next thing u know wham she's gone
  • MannySimms
    That may be true where you live; not in the USA.

    Take her shopping.
  • nicholas7643
    give her flowers and hug her everyday and tell her how much you care for her
  • stardust101
    Love this ❤️
  • JDOdin
    Nicely worded
  • SissyFrenchMaid
    nice take
  • Blondegypsy23
    Buy her what she wants
  • Anonymous
    I feel like “helping her with the laundry” is sort of the bare minimum of being a fully functioning adult but mkay. I mean, my mom would be happy if my dad did this, but my dad is also a sexist prick. Do with that what you will. And I feel like most of these “little things” should be a given, I’d consider “little things” to make a woman happy to be like surprise her with flowers or take her on a spontaneous stargazing trip in the middle of the night or bring her a smoothie during a lunch break or something. Compliments too. But the fundamental aspects of respect and sharing responsibilities as fully functioning adults? Not “little things” to make her happy.