Should I answer his calls?

my boyfriend broke up with me first complaining of space, that he needed space and analyzing how we were just boyfriend and girlfriend and so said point blank that were are not for marriage but I can't b with someone with that thought and I can't b his friend either cause I still love him. but when we talk he still seem to b with me like we are together, call me same name he called me when we were together and still tells everything about him but I need to move on, so lately he calls ma cell but I don't answer it, I'm I doing the right thing? should I answer him when he calls again, cause I've been refusing contacts with him for some time now? what do you suggest I do? I still love him, and I feel so sad when I see him calling but not answering it, and for how long I'm I to cut off contact and when I'm to reopen it? I just want him to miss me a lot. I'm I on the right track?
Should I answer his calls?
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