We're Skipping the Boyfriend/Girlfriend Stage and Getting Married. Maybe?

This sounds absurd. We’re in negotiations, if we can come to an agreement. We’ll marry. Why does this feel so right?

I'm going to buy a ring this afternoon. Tonight, I'll officially be engaged. I'm completely surprised by how happy this makes me. My "cold feet" have ruined several relationships that otherwise may have worked out.


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  • Sure. Go for it. I personally think sex and LTR sort of ruins everything because in and of themselves they are like little marriages. You burn through them really easily. So perhaps it's better to go back to the old-fashioned way. Get hitched first, then spend the rest of your lives learning and respecting each other.

    Good luck and god bless. Let us know what you guys decide!

    • We both come from very old families. It's a very "old fashioned" way of doing things. I never imagined there would be attorneys involved in drawing up a contract to settle the terms of my marriage. It kind of takes the romance out of things. Neither, could I have imagined marrying a woman far more successful than myself. So much for being the bread winner!

    • Be good to her. There's something about marrying a childhood friend. It feels destined, doesn't it? =)

    • I don?t want to think about fate. I best to focused on reality. Tonight, I?m cooking dinner for her. I?ll take her to the airport in the morning. She?s going to her home in Boston; Tuesday she leaves for Ethiopia on assignment. It may be 6 weeks before I talk to her. I keep bouncing between bliss and misery. I feel lucky to have this kind of heart ache. There?s so much I want to tell her but right now less is more. We?ll be married April 17, not a lot of time to process a lot of reality.

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  • Ok, my two cents. If you feel that it's right then go for it. However since you are having lawyers draw up papers make sure that if for some reason you find yourselves incompatible that termination is easy. After all you guys are deciding to skip a step that many people find helps them learn about their partner before deciding they are right (unless your not sharing something). Otherwise best of luck with your nuptials.

    • I would say I know her pretty well. We spent many days running around naked together; however, that was when we about 4 years old. Really, I've known her my entire life. We've never had a romantic relationship. I never looked at her that way, even in college. I've always thought she was beautiful, but it was just never romantic. I've seen her here and there over the past 15 years, but our lives were going in different directions. We both "mostly" want the same life now; it feels good.

  • um Good Luck +)


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  • You ever read Romeo & Juliet?

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