Describe your dream wedding?

1) Where would it be set?
2) When, day or night?
3) How Many Guests?
4) Traditionnal or not?
5) Would it be themed? What theme?
6) At what age?
Add other details about your dream wedding :)


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  • There's too many questions
    1. I'm not sure either Pakistan or Australia it could be Thailand too depending who I marry.
    2. Night definitely. Although a day wedding will get you more time at night ;) if you know what I mean :D
    3. Hmm around 589+ again depends how big of a family my wifey have.
    4. Heck yes traditional. Western weddings are boring to be honest.
    5. Themed? Hmmm.. Not necessarily.
    6. Around 26-27 hopefully.

    Well, I've been told that I'll come to the venue on am elephant lol


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  • My ex and I had a dream wedding.

    1. It was at our church in our hometown. This made it convenient for most of our family members.

    2. Late afternoon. That made it appropriate for me to wear a morning coat to the ceremony, but the reception was in the early evening m which made it appropriate for a sit-down dinner.

    3. We had about 125 guests.

    4. It was a very traditional wedding, with very few exceptions. We did not have a receiving line, as I consider them to be a tremendous waste of time. Also, we stayed until the end of the reception. I paid bog bucks for that party and I didn't want to miss anything.

    5. No theme. Colors were royal blue and white.

    6. I was 56 and she was 49 years old. Not a first wedding for either of us.

    Yje church choir sang at our wedding and I sang a song that I wrote for the occasion. "Lullaby For My Bride" We had limo service for the day, My best friend is a caterer, so he handled the food. We had a live band at the reception and they were excellent. The reception was in a 100 year old hall that traditional houses small musical performances. The wedding date was my aunt's 75th birthday, so we had a separate birthday cake for her and san happy birthday.

    Having the dream wedding did not make it the dream marriage. She is now my ex.

  • everyone has to come to the wedding dressed up in their favorite super hero or villain costume, they gotta have at least 1. and they can't pick the same one the Bride and Groom are using 😂 also there will be 80s dance music :P


  • Oh boy. I am not thinking about getting married before 30 but I've already planned everything.

    1 We would somewhere outside, ideally overlooking mountains with tops covered in snow, city skyline is good as well
    2 Day
    3 My family is small so it would depend on hers
    4 Not traditional
    5 I wouldn't go for themed but if she insists on it we can work something out
    6 preferably id be above 30 lol
    7 we would have a band playing songs from the 60s -90s
    8 the cake would be chocolate

  • 1) Where would it be set?>>> Close to my birthday the wedding first then the big man has it all to himself
    2) When, day or night? Day time then the big barty starts off at night time after
    3) How Many Guests? 10000 people
    4) Traditionnal or not? Yes of course in a church
    5) Would it be themed? What theme? The king and Queen come together
    6) At what age? I guess now

  • My dream wedding is not wedding. The last thing I want is to get married. That is how I feel right now.

  • 1) Where would it be set? Two minds really. I really like the idea of running away and just the two of use marrying in some tropical location. On the other hand I would Alsop enjoy getting married in a country estate or castle surrounded by friends and family. Perhaps I'll do what Jim and Pam of the office do and have two weddings :)
    2) When, day or night? Anytime
    3) How Many Guests? None to 50
    4) Traditional or not? Do not mind
    5) Would it be themed? What theme? I don't think so however if my partner wanted it to be, sure why not.
    6) At what age? 26-30

  • 1) Where would it be set? Hmm most likely on a california beach
    2) When, day or night? I would say afternoon
    3) How Many Guests? 50-100
    4) Traditionnal or not? some hints of traditional
    5) Would it be themed? What theme? Bitch themed
    6) At what age? hmm me 28 her 23
    other ammenities... alcohol... presents... hot chocolate... kava... and a sexy place to be after.

  • 1) Either at the beach, Disney World, or at a club that we'd rent out for the wedding
    2) Day
    3) Too many to count lol
    4) Yes, preferably
    5) Assuming I had my way with this, which is unlikely, I would have it superhero themed :D
    6) Mid to late 20's :)

  • Outdoors, in nature, possibly a reservoir with and a waterfall nearby. It would be in the afternoon, lasting into the night. I don't think I would want any guests at all. No, it wouldn't be traditional, no theme either, except maybe love. Probably never as I don't want to get married. But I've thought about it too.

  • 1. In some field in the middle of nowhere under a tree
    2. Sunset/twilight
    3. The bare minimum
    4. I'm not quite sure what you mean by this
    5. No
    6. Late 20s/early 30s

    Personally I'd just rather not get married.

  • 1) Courtroom & then a reception
    2) Day obviously, reception at night
    3) My family, her family and only close friends. At max only 12-15 persons.
    4) ERROR
    5) ERROR
    6) x; x<=40

  • Paris
    20 max
    Not traditional AT ALL
    Maybe , on the sunny side of the street lol
    Maybe at 30

  • I haven't thought about it... But I don't like traditional...

  • On a beach, at midnight, only closest friends and family as guests, not traditional, gory theme, dressed up in bloody or ripped clothes, hopefully her in a gory ripped dress and me in a pristine but still blood splattered suit,

  • weddings are a waste of money and time

  • Ambitious
    1 International space station /the moon if it becomes habitable
    2 It would be done at night
    3How many people can come?
    At least a wedding photographer
    And a celebrant
    5Space theme
    6Under 27 I get married
    Maybe a spacewalk together

  • None. No wedding.

    Living the dream... 8)

  • 1) Mountains, or near some lake
    2) Night
    3) My family, her family, some friends...
    4) Non-traditional
    5) Themed - Vegetarian-Techno Wedding ;)
    6) As soon as possible ;)


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  • 1) Where would it be set? I would love an outdoor/barn wedding/reception but odds are I'll get married in a church
    2) When, day or night? Afternoon
    3) How Many Guests? Not a lot. Less than 200 hopefully.
    4) Traditionnal or not? Fairly traditional
    5) Would it be themed? What theme? ... is color a theme?
    6) At what age? Before I'm 25

    Hmm... let's see. I don't really think about it much. A lot more now than like a year ago. I haven't really gotten all that far. I'm gonna wear white. That's for sure though lol

  • If I ever get married:

    1. I would love a small outdoor wedding, in the fall or winter. A garden wedding sounds nice to me. This venue looks pretty to me, I might add off white lights here and there though, and some more flowers (unless my guests had allergies, then branches with lights)

    2. When: Evening sound good to me, just before dinner. Have the ceremony then eat.

    3. Not many guests, just some family and close friends.

    4. Doesn't have to be traditional, it depends on my future SO.

    5. Theme: Vintage garden

    6. No clue

    7. Dress: Somewhat simple but flattering. I love the vintage style, with some shoulder embellishments (hair and make up as well)

    Or like this (hair and make up as well) if it's in the winter time

    Bouquet: Maybe something rustic. I'm not sure on the color scheme, it depends on what my future SO likes as well. But this looks nice

  • In my culture we have two weddings, a traditional and a western wedding.
    So I would have the traditional wedding in Nigeria, and the church wedding in Scotland.
    Day wedding
    Probably 150-300 guests. Not sure for the traditional my parents had 1200.
    I want a travel themed.
    Hopefully get married around 22-24.

    I want a dress like this for my church wedding:

    And one like this for my traditional:

    And a wedding cake like this:

    Ideal venue:

  • 1. Outdoors with an undercover area and outdoor heaters. Lanterns everywhere

    2. Before sunset which goes into the night.

    3. Anything to 70 and under. I want to keep things small.

    4. Kind of traditional? But I don't really care, if it's traditional or not. It wouldn't matter me.

    5. No theme wedding

    6. Not applicable

  • 1. The wedding and first reception party will be held in a 5 star hotel in my city. The second reception party will be in my dads hotel in bali.

    2. The wedding will be in the morning, first reception party will be at night so as the second one.

    3. The wedding will only be attended by family from both sides so im guessing around 250-300 people. The first party will be around 700-800 people and the second will only be attended by our bestfriends so prbbly around 50-75 people.

    4. The wedding and first party would be traditional but not for the second one.

    5. The wedding and first party will be a this traditional sundanese wedding. The second one will be more like an after party all white, will definitely be hiring a DJ and lets not forget about free flow booze haha.

    6. Prbbly when im 25 or 27.

    I want my wedding dress to be like this but in white

    This for the first party

    And this for the second party

    And the change to this but without that lacey thing on the bottom

  • I just want to elope somewhere, sign some papers and go on a honey moon.

    1) Where would it be set? I don't care.
    2) When, day or night? I don't care.
    3) How Many Guests? None.
    4) Traditionnal or not? Neither.
    5) Would it be themed? What theme? Neither.
    6) At what age? Whenever i'm a little older than I am now lol

  • 28 years old
    A gothic themed wedding
    Whoever comes I guess
    I'll have a rock band playing

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