My girlfriend wants a engagement ring, but I can't afford it. so she is going to buy it. what should I do?

my girlfriend and i have been together for nearly 2 years, she is the money maker out of the both of us, she is a student, works and comes home and tends to the place. i am unemployed, there was a job i wanted to do, but getting into the industry is so hard. i have been trying to work, but being unemployed for so long, just hasn't really made me interested in working right now.

on one occasion i purposed to my girlfriend and because she joked about it, it made me upset. i mean, i didn't have a ring, so i guess i can see why she took it as a joke. some of her friends are engaged and she said that she kinda feels really left behind. she got in contact with a ring specialist that makes custom rings and show them and told them about her dream ring. it was going to be around $3800. she told me about it and i asked her why it was so expensive and she said "its a custom, like there isn't any like it, and its a... well you can guess what kind of ring it is". i replied with "wait.. its a engagement ring?" and she just smiled at me.

i talked to her again and said "im sorry, but thats out of my budget, could we find something cheaper", she asked "how cheaper?" and i said "$1000 or under". i could tell she was upset and she then said "im paying for it, cause i really want it, so im going to save up for it, it won't take me long to save" i did ask that after she got it, could i purpose to her with it and she said that it would be silly of me to do that, with a ring she is paying for.

i feel a little annoyed about that, but im not sure what else to do. what should i do? i feel like i should be at least able to purpose to her, since it will be a expensive ring and she just can't wear a engagement ring as a normal ring, wouldn't that be silly? she did tell me (before i told her my budget) and kept throwing out hints and when i said that about my budget, she has started a money saving plan. i just dont know what to do or how to really feel about it
My girlfriend wants a engagement ring, but I can't afford it. so she is going to buy it. what should I do?
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