My stepmother wants my grandmother's engagement ring. Help

My grandpa gave my grandma a lovely ring when they got married. The diamond is huge on it, and also breathtaking. My grandma only had two kids, my dad and my godmother, then came me. I was the only grandchild by blood to my grandparents. My dad's girlfriend who he has been dating for 15 years (I refer her to stepmom for they been with each other for so long) began to tell my grandma's daughter (my godmother) that grandma said she can have that ring, along with another nice ring my grandma had. My stepmother knew exactly were my grandma kept her two rings, and really began to question my godmother about them. At first we though my stepmom stole them because she would not shut up about it. However after she left, my grandma's best friend stopped by, and told my godmother to check my grandma's blazer pockets. Sure enough we found those two rings hidden in the pocket that was next to the wall. My godmother and I sat down then to talk about it, and we came to a conclusion that my stepmother must be lying about the rings cause why would grandma hide them like that when she always kept them in the little box on her dresser, and then why would grandma's best friend stop be, to tell us to check the blazer pockets? My grandma would have handed those two rings over to my stepmom if she really wanted her to have them, not hide them like that. We are not telling my stepmother because I along with my godmother feel I should be next in line for great grandma's engagement ring, and my grandma's plus if we tell my dad and stepmom she will just complain to him that my grandma's daughter already got so much stuff, why can't she have my grandmother's engagement ring? My stepmom got a lot of stuff to, just not as much jewelry, as my godmother and I did. She is not married to my dad so why should she have something that important to my grandma? It should be my godmother, then me. Plus why would my grandma hide it like that? Please give some advice on this to me?

PS: my grandma passed away...she is now at peace with my grandpa.

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  • Keep it in the family at all costs. Your dad's girlfriend is NOT your stepmother by law and has no right to any family inheritance whatsoever. Those rings should be with your aunt/godmother for sure and then pass to you after that.

    By law, your dad and aunt/godmother must split the inheritance 50/50 unless your grandmother left a will. So, after he and your aunt/godmother split whatever property your grandparents had, he can choose to give away whatever he wants of his share as gifts - including gifts to his girlfriend.

    That's why it's important that you make sure that the rings go to your aunt/godmother in the split. Do whatever it takes. If your dad gets them, they're out of the family forever, for his girlfriend will certainly find a way to pick them off of him.

    Also, you're right, the way your grandma hid the rings and told only her best friend is indicative of her fear that her son would gift them to his pushy girlfriend. Maybe it's best if you and your godmother never admit to knowing their whereabouts and that way avoid bitter, endless fighting with this "stepmother" character who is sure to leverage your dad in creating an intra-family war over these heirlooms.

    • How did she get the ring from you and your godmother?

    • Because the will was 50/50, she felt guilty she was hiding it from my dad. I would have stole them myself but I couldn't do that to my godmother.

    • Like I said in your other post, I think you should strongly encourage your godmother to take this to court immediately. Your dad won't understand that it's serious otherwise.

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  • if she get's them even for 2 seconds you should force her to write a contract stating you'll get them when you get married and or after she dies. how ever that works.

    I don't think she should get them at all.

  • Your Godmother deserves those rings. And then they should go to you. Your stepmoher has no claim of these rings. Passing down rings is family/blood type of thing. What if she left your father? Now she keeps the rings? It should be a situation where no matter what they stay within the family. No matter what you will always be related to your grandmother.

  • I definitely think the rings should go to your godmother and then you. I don't see how your stepmother has any claim over them at all, other than a story with no proof behind it. And then there's the fact that your grandmother hid them, which makes me suspect that she figured somebody in the family would try to steal them, and the fact that she sent her friend to you and your godmother instead of to your stepmother, tells me that your grandmother was hiding them from your stepmother.


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  • Yea, your Godmother deserves those rings, and then to pass them onto you. Your stepmom has no claim of these rings.

    She already has a nice ring, and she's just being greedy. Why else would your Grandmother's friend come to you? Why else would the rings have been hidden? Obviously your grandma wanted for the family to have the rings and not the stepmom.

  • Keep it in the family. She is not blood related therefore she should not have the right to have it.

  • I agree with the other answerers. Your godmother should inherit them as she is the next female of kin to your grandmother.