From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

One week from Today many retailers online and brick and mortar all over the world will be at war over your Holiday purchasing dollars. The day called "Black Friday" hasn't always had a cheery meaning. In the 1800's it was used in the South as a term for a day when Slave auctions were usually held. The term has also been used to describe Stock Market crashes. But, let's look at it from the Shopping Holiday perspective that we know. Here are a few facts that even surprised me when I read them.

Black Friday for years was a Philadelphia based term

The name originated in the 1960's when Philly Police referred it as a day of mass traffic and smog caused by the influx of shoppers. Retailers actually used the term to mean profits in the black due to the fact they did not like the negative connotation that the police associated with the day.

It's the busiest day of the year for Plumbers

Usually, the reason why is all the holiday guests end up "clogging the pipes" so to speak.

An Estimated 30% of Americans go out on Black Friday

in numbers that's approx. 102 million Americans

From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

The majority of Black Friday shoppers are... Millennials

In 2016 an estimated 54 percent of 18-24-year-olds shopped on Black Friday, while 62 percent of shoppers are 25-35 years old. Wow for once Millennials aren't being blamed for killing something 🤣🤣🤣

Most Black Friday shoppers actually shop from home

The bargain hunters mostly do stay home to get the deals online because the majority of the time the online deals are the same.

Average Shoppers spend around $300

A survey from the National Retail Fed. from 2016 states that the average shopper spends $299.60 on their Black Friday shopping.

The hottest selling item isn't what you think

From The Red to the Black: Some Fun Facts About Black Friday

What if I told you that TV's, Cell Phones, tablets, gaming systems, or toys were NOT the biggest sellers on Black Friday? It's actually Clothing, more specifically, Pajamas and Loungewear. Household Items like pots, pans, and appliances are also hot items.

It's not the busiest shopping day

While it is a crucial sales day, it's not the busiest. The honor of that day goes to the Saturday before Christmas Eve/Christmas. Even though for years retailers have pushed it to seem like it was.

The sales items are of lower quality specially made for Black Friday

Spot an amazing deal on a TV, laptop, tablet or another electronic device? Proceed with caution: It might not be the real thing.

“Some products advertised at deep discounts on Black Friday are what’s known as ‘derivative products’ — items made by the same manufacturer that look almost like the standard model but with a few very important differences,” Time reports. These differences include cheaper parts and different model numbers.

The Five best states to shop in

Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, Montana, and Oregon. These states have no Sales Tax! Meanwhile, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Washington, Alabama, and Oklahoma are the worst for taxes at a rate of 8-9 percent.

The Five best cities are

Houston, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orlando, and Minneapolis/ St Paul.

Walmart,Target, Kohl's and Best Buy are some of the most dangerous stores to shop in on Black Friday.

I was really surprised about the cheaper quality and the millennial shopping numbers. If you shop on Black Friday what do you usually go for? Where do you usually go?


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  • Not usually something I engage in
    I am surprised millennials partake so much
    I am not surprised about the quality thing that is actually something you should watch out for year round
    Large retailers buy enough products to get special configurations made which makes them seem like they offer much better deals particularly with laptops you have to watch out for this
    Grocery stores do it as well sometimes at least big chains
    If you note some name brand item on a very good sale it may be a slightly smaller than standard package could be an item usually sold as a pound for lets say 5 dollars so that would be 3.2 ounces per dollar so they may put it on sale for 4 dollars looks like a good deal 20% off right? 4 ounces per dollar except it is a package with just 14 ounces looks the same otherwise just slightly smaller so you are only getting 3.5 ounces per dollar
    Still cheaper but not as you might believe


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  • The one time I engaged in it I had someone try to grab the item from my hand. I kicked him in the shin and he went down. Then I ran.

  • 8-9% sales tax? Youse'd shit your pants at our 20% VAT rate. (there is a reduced rate of 5%, and a zero rate, too, though).


  • Screw that. I'll be out in the woods in a primitive cabin. Where they can't get me lol.

  • Very educational thanks