What does my teacher want from me?

So since this school year I have a new chemistry teacher: Only started teaching last year, about 25/26 years old, good-looking and style, but a bit self-conscious.

I knew that he was a new teacher but throughout the last year I didn't really pay attention to him because I just didn't care. But towards the end of the school year I noticed him staring at me when we met in the hallway, repeatedly, even though we didn't know each other yet.

Then my chemistry teacher at that time quit working for a while to have her baby and guess who filled in for her for the last month of school: Right, he showed up.

Since I sit in the front row I clearly noticed that he was nervous around me -he even stuttered and stuff- , he literally stared at me when we had to solve problems on our own, he stood at the window next to my seat, he looked at me for a long time when he thought I didn't notice and quickly looked away when I turned my head, he rarely really looked me in the eye but seemed to hear everything I said. Then in the hallway I noticed him standing there and looking at me, but when I walked by and looked at him to say hello he avoided eye contact again. It was a bit weird, I think he's shy. And at the same time I just somehow feel tenderness coming from him in the way he talks and moves when I'm around (he can act like a real ass to get some respect from the class). That makes me want to hug him and that sounds so cheesy.

This year we were supposed to get another chemistry teacher in the beginning, but somehow it got so that he became our teacher instead (and I must admit that I think he might me have done something for that).

He still doesn't look me straight in the eyes often, but it has gotten better and more natural. I think he notices basically everything I do and say during his lessons because he responds in a way. And he often makes eye contact with the girl sitting next to me, which he never paid attention to before and she's just a girl that no one really pays much attention to (sorry!).

Today we had a sports festival with our school and again I noticed him looking at me. Often for christ's sake. I do like him, I think he's nice and I'd like to be friends with him, but it seems like he doesn't want to talk to me if he never makes eye contact! If he weren't my teacher there might be something going on, but like this it is impossible, so we might as well be friendly with each other.

I just find him physically so so attractive, I seriously want to pull him towards me and mess around with him when he stands near to me. That has never happened to me before.

What might he be thinking? Why does he never look at me? He knows better than me that there will never be something between us even if we want to! Maybe I'm overthinking this?

I'm turning 18 in a month by the way. :)

What does my teacher want from me?
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