I think my teacher fancies me?

So as you may know I'm under 18 and I do have a crush on someone my own age but I feel like my teacher has a crush on me. It all started when I was in yr 7 / 7th grade and I really hated the teacher because of the way he looked and spoke to me but then when it was time to move up to the next year/grade I promised that I would be nice to him because I felt sorry for how I was treating him. Ever since then he's gone so different. Sometimes when he dismisses the class he says I should stay back and I always think im introuble but usually it's to compliment me or something and my best friend notices it aswell whenever he comes over to me while I'm working he's like "be careful with your presentation usually your work is BEAUTIFUL" then he looks up at me and Stares then looks back at my page I know he's flirting and it makes me feel so uncomfortable. And when he's teaching the class I feel like I'm giving him wrong signals like I have this pen and I'm always taking it apart then fixing it again but in order to do that you need to put the inky but in right? So I do that and he looks at it and takes it the wrong way when really I was just fiddling and I see him adjusting his belt (this is all true) and I immediately think he's a pedo but I don't know. He's sending me signals aswell and from afar he's always doing flirty faces when I look at him so I quickly look away and act like I'm not interested but when he adjusted his belt that was to far even my friend thought so :( does he fancy me or not?
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I think my teacher fancies me?
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