Live Life With A Touch of Madness

Firstly you don't want be a drab motherfucker.

Style and expressions reveal feelings at the core that you want to convey. While many a time I preach the art of formlessness (in essence possessing no singular behaviorial patter but rather the skill set necessary to assimilate into any group) it's imperative that you have a firm grip on your personal identity.

For a long time I cared so much about a great multitude of things, I cared about people who hadn't the slightest inclination of concern to reciprocate, and it ate me alive. I cared about events that would transpire in the future and in a meticulous manner I'd analyze all of these scenarios, this would just manufacture stress. So then I embraced apathy. And all was good for moment but then I realized something. Life was lacking in luster. It was plain. Yes it was nice to acknowledge I didn't give a fuck but then what was there. What was there to inspire joy?


Yes, just a touch of madness. A gleam in your eyes. A skeptical uncertainty is inspired in others. They can't figure you out, they don't really ever know your intentions. You become interesting, spontaneous, eccentric. Your charisma grows and you stand with a newfound sense of authority. For you don't live. You Live.

Live Life With A Touch of Madness


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  • how does one acquire madness? :3

    • :) I would also like to know the answer to this question.

    • It's hard to say. You just really have to not be afraid to be organic in your actions. Don't filter everything. Let a little bit of that inner madness, the seemingly stupid shit you try to surpress, let it come to the surface. It will help you enjoy life. Because life is the plenum. The pinnacle of beauty.

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  • Firstly, I wouldn't trust a guy who says firstly.
    Secondly, looks like someone just took a seventh grade vocab test.

    Some people just don't have much madness in them. Such as the people who don't laugh at my dark jokes. You can't "try" to be crazy (or whatever word you want to use to describe that) or else it defeats the whole purpose. Madness requires unpredictability. If you're trying to feign madness you're just as fake as anyone who's trying too hard to be something they're not.

    • 1. Maybe people don't laugh at your jokes because they r not funny.
      2. Your most sophisticated word in your comment was feign.
      3. I never advocated changing your identity, but rather how you approach life. In essence your mindset.
      4. You gotta problem bro, I'm sorry your a sinister motherfucker but you shouldn't take your unhappiness out on others.

    • 1. I don't only use dark humor obviously, but actually most people I know think I'm funny.

      2. Because I don't have to make a sad attempt to legitimize myself by using seventh grade vocab words

      3. Your mindset is a huge part of your identity. You can't change one without changing the other.

      4. I wasn't really taking out anything on anyone. I was just calling you out for not making much sense. If you think letting out your madness is the same thing as being yourself (showing your true personality and opinions) then you're mad. It's only actual madness that you're letting out if you are an insane person.

    • Hmm seems like I finally found a rival.

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  • I dunno... if it became expected, before you know it it'd be a contest, within the hour people would be flinging poo at each other... And that's just not fair to everyone else because I'd totally win... 😄😄

    • I mean not really. Only a very few have the audacity to live in such a way. But hey bro you wanna sling shit go for it.

    • I swear to god... ya fling poo one time, and you get a reputation for being a poo-flinger... No really, all I'm saying is that if individuality became an expectation, 95% would turn horrible within the hour. They'd be trying to package it and sell it to you like any other commodity, people would compete mindlessly to be the most superfluously "mad", it would spin out of control.

      Weird needs to supposed supressed a little so the feeble-minded followers don't burn the place down. If you aren't strong enough to be an individual in spite of what hollow decrees of the 95%, then you're probably one of them

  • Live Life With a touch of MIND YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS !

  • i don't believe in fashion, but i agree we need to shaken things up a lot.

  • To quote a character from a TV Show;

    "What fun is there in making sense?"