What happened to your dream?

What happened to your dream?

Whenever I meet people I find sort of interesting and friendly, I tend to ask them after a while: "what's your dream? What do you want to do with your life?" and 9 times out of 10, I get "I want a good job, a nice family, and a comfortable home."

Now, there's nothing wrong with that, but that appears to me what an average person would say. But let me make this clear that I am NOT criticizing them in any way (I used to have that sort of dream too).

But are you living the life you want to live? Are you really? Is there nothing really more you want? So what happened to the dreams you had when you were a child? What happened to those wild fantasies that your mind weaved when it first gazed upon the world? Who told you that you had to be like this and do this because everyone else did it? Do you enjoy doing that?

Human beings are the pinnacle of earthly creation. God commanded us to watch over the animals and plants as their just and benevelont rulers. Evolution bestowed us a well-nigh infinitely complex brain that offered us an escape from the animal kingdom. We can draw, we can sing, we can love, we can create, and we can even destroy at our will.

Every second of your life, there is a constant war in your body, a war to keep you alive, a war fought by the forgotten and unsung heroes whose only duty is to fight the enemy to keep this greater being alive. Every second of your life, your body cells are trying their best to process an infinite amount of information and material passing through your body. Every second of your life, you are growing; you are becoming more intelligent, more powerful, more experienced, and more responsible.

So why shouldn't you love this body and this life? What reason is there not to? Give this vast potential, what reason is there to not dream big? And what reason is there to fall short of your dreams?

And so I ask you once more, what happened to your dream? That dream of unicorns and knights when you still couldn't even reach over the counter? That dream of becoming the president of the United States? That dream of having Winnie the Pooh as your best friend? What happened to those dreams?

So let us live a life of a human being, let us live a life as the paragons of Earthly creation. Let us show Father Time and Mother Earth the great children they raised and nurtured. Let us aim for the moon and always remember that if we miss, it is the stars that we land amongst.


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  • I want to be a general or cardiac surgeon. Or maybe an ob/gyn. I'm not sure which yet, but I'm leaning towards the first.

    I want to travel, see the world, through doctors with borders or something similar.

    I want to return to africa and work in my mother's hospital someday.


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  • What happened to my dream? Life. Life happened.
    Now, when I wake each day, I curse that I did not die during my sleep.


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