Orgasmic Sounds

We all have a sound that we love. That noise that might be insignificant to somebody else, but to you is like having an orgasm for your ears.

I love white noise, the static on the radio, the light buzzing of headphones plugged in with nothing to play. The sound of dominoes falling, of rain and thunder. I love these sounds, and while they drive my friends crazy or have them hiding under the bed, I will embrace the noise and love it.

We all have those weird noises we love. So, I decided I would aid a few of you in finding a noise you didn't know you loved.




White Noise

Aluminium (wear headphones. Both ears)

Ear Cupping

You'll need to hear this one to understand it. Warning though, it can hurt some peoples ears.

Because I'm too lazy to post fifty videos. Trigger finder:

And boom. Well, I hoped I helped somebody with this. I apologise if one of these killed your ears (because I know some of these sounds would definitely do more to kill some peoples ears than soothe them) I hoped you found your new love.

Live an awesome, orgasmic sounding life everyone.

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Not wanting to advertise but for eargasms I go to

    Also look into this thing where people record various sounds with a stereoscopic microphone. I forgot the term but it sounds like the sound is happening around you when you wear headphones. Very cool.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I LOVE the nothing sound that occurs when someone is doing my make up. And the human interaction is happening but no one is talking, just the soft sounds of the task. Moments like this have happened in quite group activities. I was one on one with a partner and we had to do this mirroring activity, and it was so calming, and I loved how quiet everything was.

    I love the sounds from the first An American Tail movie. The sounds on the boat are especially wonderful. I really suggest watching. Everything is perfect.


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  • Rain and thunder, owls hooting, birds chirping, the sound suction makes when you pull an upside down cup off a table (esp if its wet), the sound of the ocean, crickets chirping, the shower running... can't think of anymore right now lol

  • I love how rain sounds, how a washing machine sounds (weird, I know), when it's a starry night out and all the critters are making noise, and fans. For some reason, hearing a fan makes me fall asleep fast.

  • Lighting and thunder and rain
    Also ocean

  • I use my washing machine to fall asleep