Stop the 77 (dog bites)

I'm very passionate about dogs and teaching others about them.

Tomorrow I am going to a local elementary school with one of my dogs to demonstrate how to greet dogs, along with how they should be treated, and body language.

Many people do not realize that most dog bites aren't out of fear, it's correction. A lot of dogs do not like to be hugged. They do not like kids bothering their food, or pulling their ears and tail.

No, children do not realize that. They need to be educated along with many adults. Supervision is also very good. Too many dogs are put to sleep or rehomed because of kids teasing it, resulting in a bite. Since kids are small, most bites are to the face.

There are dogs that do attack for no apparent reason, but they are not common! Media usually doesn't tell the whole story when It comes to dog bites..or anything, really.

This video should be shared as much as possible to help people understand dog bites.

Thank you.


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  • I'm so sick of this shit dude, I like a dog almost as much as the next person but dammit I get so sick of people making excuses, and handicap reasons for dogs and shit... 😑 God when did dogs become the fuckin leading reason on pitty...😓 dogs are great and all but some of you people are absoloutely out of your fucking minds! You hold the such high abnormal standards and you out them on Pedestal's! People I don't fuckin get it and no matter how many down votes or angry comments I'll get for this, I'LL STILL NEVER GET IT! when people start putting dogs over humans then you've lost my fuckin vote. Another dude commented on this post and said some dumb shit like "dogs aren't responsible for their actions because they learn from humans."😑 I wonder if he knows how stupid that sounds? HUMANS ALSO LEARN FROM OTHER HUMANS on how to ROB, STEAL, KILL, RAPE, all sorts of shit. Yet we're still responsible for our actions.. If a dog randomly attacks a baby is it our fault? Some of us don't teach our pets to attack, especially no fuckin 1 year old baby! They just act on their own. I'm not say dogs ain't shit but some of you people need to turn it down a little bit and realize what your doing!😑 you've failed at human bonding because you feel like your an outcast, or no one will ever understand you, or you'll never find a lover, partner, friend, someone to bond with, so you've chosen a animals companionship over other humans... That's fine by all standards but certain things a fuckin dirty ass dog should never be allowed to do. Like sleep in the fuckkin bed with other humans, THEY she's LARGE AMOUNTS OF HAIR AND LAY ON THE GROUND, DIRT, CARPET, GRASS, etc... PLACES YOU've walked and put your DIRTY ASS FEET! 😫😖😷 Some of you take baths and let you dog sit at the table and eat from human plates. You need your fuckin head scanned for that type of shit... DOG OR HUMSN THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT TYPE OF STUFF! A dogs mouth may be cleaner than a humans but it still carries bacteria and micros coo parasites! FUCKIN FOCUS! Some of you spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on pet but one spend 50 cents on your own child, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife/any family member.. Like I said dogs make great pets and I'm not a dog hater but there's s place and a role and some of you people have far exceeded that role in labeling you dogs as pets... If you've chosen a dog over another human's companionship, all you've done was proven to me that you suck ass at human companionship

    • I'm amazed at how funny it is that some fuckin women believe it's the worst thing in the world to not like or want a dog, yet they have a big problem with their sons or daughters dating outside their race. Like a Chinese person dating a whole person or black guy dating a while girl, or even a Mexican girl for that matter. Shit like that makes me laugh at how upside down things are... A human would rather waste money on toys, useless chew things and stupid doggy blankets and shit before they attemp to fix their own lives and then they have the audacity to shed tears at night or in secretcy or pray to God and ask... "LORD HELP ME! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME? WHY AM I IN THIS POSITION! WHY AM I ALWAYS BROKE?" Learn to pay your fuckin bills and put away that money you fool! It's called (self preservation over all) who the fuck is going to attend to that dog when your homeless or jobless or dead? lol dummies!😏

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  • I wish someone would tell that to every child in school. My German Shepherd suffers from fear aggression, I haven't had him long and we are still working on his socialization/rehab training. I walk him everyday near a school. I constantly have to tell children AND adults not to approach him and that he's not friendly to avoid any mishaps.

    • Commie I have the same problem and it get tiring to keep telling people to stop letting their kids try to hug or whatnot to my pup. I cannot believe how many people let their kids come up to a strange dog and try to lay on it.

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    • That's awesome! Mine is almost a year old but I adopted him at 10 mos and he was an abuse case so we are doing a lot of shit that should have been done when he was very little hence... socialization haha.

    • Mine is 3, he was socialized like my other but he acts very strange. I don't know why he is like that
      I've had him since he was 5 or 6 weeks

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  • Dogs aren't responsible for their behavior, people are.
    They learn from the people who 'care' for them. Like, a child. If the kid has a shit dad, the kid will grow up to be like his father.

    My dog was a stray before we got her, sweetest animal there is.
    We have 5 cats, and she's lovely around them.

    She is a large dog though, she weighs 40kg, and that's mainly muscle.
    She could easily shred any of the cats, but she wouldn't. She's trained.

    German Shepard/ Akita. Blame the owner, not the dog.

  • My younger brother had two huge scars across his face from when he was younger and he touched a dog while it was eating. He is one of the kindest people to animals I have ever seen, and he learned the hard way. I agree with most if what you say.


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  • I'm extremely afraid of dogs. And even I know that you shouldn't just go to up to a strangers dog without asking them is it ok to approach.

    • Yeah, most kids do not though. I've never been scared of dogs and I've always known how to approach dogs. But I was different from most, I've always been interested in dog behavior from a very young age.
      Work with your fear around dogs that you know are friendly. Once you learn their body language you won't be as scared. They do know when you are scared and sometimes act dominant because of it.
      I have been around fear aggressive dogs and I've always been able to calm them down. I feel like I have a gift haha.

    • You seem like you do lol. And I that's why I try to stay as far away from as possible because I know they can sense fear.

  • "demonstrate how to greet dogs, along with how they should be treated, and body language." I was hoping you'd tell about it. I thought the video would but it didn't either xD

    Anyway, it's true though, I always feel my heart ache for any animal that gets put down or gets punished (horribly) because of any human attack. Some people need to realize that while we seem to know a whole lot about animals, it's nothing if there isn't an understanding in between. Every attack comes with a reason.