15 Oddly Amusing Videos To Kill Time

I think we can all say the internet's pretty weird right? Well...


Get ready to be amused!

1) 2 Girls, 1 Cockroach - What's bettter than watching two girls try to blow a cockroach down each other's throats using a tube?

2) African Mantis vs Cockroach - How fascinating is it to watch such divine creatures fight to the death! #LongLiveMrCockroach

3) Sad clown with a golden voice - This extravant clown brings chills to the human body as his passionately belts while mainting his Pittiful clown guise.

4) Education for children - Did you miss elementery? No worries, Education India will help you.

5) Pole Bangin' - No explanation needed.

6) Girl wants to "..." with her dog? - Okay so this video is quite weird and I have no idea what she said but as soon as her tongue went up the dog's nose, I died.

7) Strange things in Asia -
Glands + milking + tennis racket = WEIRD

8) Gecko vs Praying Mantis - Brace yourselves as a praying mantis ad gecko fight to the death!

9) Kevin McCalister eats pizza after becoming a hippie - Grown up Macaulay eats pizza for our entertainment.

10) The end! - The praying mantis strikes again!

~ Bonus Videos ~

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