6 Funny Things to Watch on YouTube Next Time You Get Bored

We all have days when we are really, really bored and want a laugh. I have shared here some funny videos that I watch when I just want humour. The likelihood is that you have never heard of most of these, so be surprised and enjoy. There is something here for everyone.

1. Studio C

This group of comedians started up from a BYU sketch comedian group called Divine Comedy, their aim is to produce funny, entertaining videos without all the sleazy stuff. They have made hundreds of videos which are mostly all funny. I would start with their earlier ones. They will keep you entertained for hours. Here is one of their most popular sketches which tells a hilarious, strange story using the remote control... and below that one, one of their Harry Potter parodies.

2. Vicky Pollard

So there are all these videos on Youtube (and a few other locations like Dailymotion) with this character from the BBC show Little Britain. Vicky is a dim-witted, poorly educated girl from Bristol who gets into trouble all the time and replies with, "Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but..." and then comes up with totally random bits of gossip. She is played by the actor Matt Lucas. One incident occurs where she steps into a reporters office to tell him some famous football (soccer for you Americans) players took her to a cheap hotel which she describes as 'fancy' and 'expensive' and all had sex with her. She provides a hand-drawn picture of several people in bed with the faces of the football players and hers glued on as evidence.

3. Rolanda- Wassabi Productions

I don't know lots about this ones background. It seems to be two guys who started a channel together which got popular with their interesting videos of "challenges" they did. They introduced a character called Rolanda, played by one of the guys who is the girl of your nightmares. She chases the character Alex mercilessly whilst singing parodies of popular songs such as Katy Perry Roar out of tune, all the while picking her nose, cackling, flexing her muscles, and doing other unfeminine things. There are other videos featuring her which largely consist spoof tutorials such as Make-up with Rolanda where she shows all the girls how to look "super sexy for your man." It is recommended you watch like two of these videos first before making your mind up about them.

4. Man bathes in-

So this guy has made a channel CemreCandar where he shares videos of himself buying an immense amount of a food/drink item, pouring it into his bath, and then bathing in it! He does it with oreos, beer, hot sauce, etc. What makes it funny is his over-the-top awed whoops and exclamations as he rubs it all over himself, drinks it, and just acts like a total idiot.

5. Screaming Goat

Ok, I lied. This one is pretty common, but why not go back to them? For those few of you who don't know what this is, there is a clip of a goat making a shrieking sound that was posted on Youtube that went viral and it did not take long until people started editing songs to fit the goat's scream into it. That may sound pretty boring, but watch this video, you can not deny there is something funny about it:

6. Flula

So this German guy makes these funny videos where he takes an English speaking term and 'misinterprets' it with some German logic and the result is so funny. This one had me cracking up so bad.

I hope I have made you laugh, please share below any videos you find funny on YouTube.


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  • Lol, I enjoyed the sixth video from Flula the most. My second choice pick from the bunch would be the screaming goat, which is equally witty but I have already seen before.


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