Life Has No Limits

Life Has No Limitations

Life Has No Limits

Life is strange, and works in even stranger ways. We go through many trials, tribulations, and redemptions. It's a journey of many journies that shapes who we are/become. Many of the trials in life can be torturous and cause pain and temporary set backs, but we as people are born with a will, a motive to keep pushing whether it be God's holy spirit or just that invisible burning passion for those who don't neccesarily believe.

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Life is going to throw obsticles at you, but you should not let it hinder you.

"I CAN'T", "LIMITATION", "IT'S TOO HARD", "I WISH I COULD", "IMPOSSIBLE" are all excuses setting you up for failure. Failure is not an option. "Can't" is laced in the word won't. You can choose to succed, you just choose not to and lace it with "can't". Life has no true limitations; the only thing limiting yourself from trueself success is yourself. You may have obsticles, postponing success, but in the end, your fate is in the hands of yourself. "It's too hard" is bullshit! Unless you cannot move or think, it's not too hard. You must push your limits and keep trying and you will succeed and come out a stronger person. Turn "I wish I could" to "I will". NOTHING is impossible.

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Life isn't fair, and it probably never fully will be! Road blocks like discrimination due to sex, race, sexual orientation, social class, religion, etc will always be apparent. Even simple acts of blunt sadisitc tendencies and unknown hatred will cause people to do horrible things, but you can't let that stop you. No matter who you are or what struggles you've gone through, DON'T TAKE THE VICTIM ROLE, EVEN IF YOU ARE A VICTIM! Everyday people mope about what people have done to them and the things that have happened, but it has already happened and you can't change the fact that it did. If someone wants to help you, then by all means, take the help if you really need it. If an injustice has happened and you believe change needs to be made, by some means, stand up for what you believe in, but do NOT neglect the privilege you've been given. Don't say go around with the mindset "I got hurt, so I deserve reperations". Unless you physically and mentally are not capable of doing something for your own, work hard and think wisely. People are often so caught up on getting things handed to them that they forget how privaleged they are to be standing alive and able to even ask for the help. I'm not saying you can't ask for help or don't deserve help in situations, I'm just saying that that you shouldn't keep the mindset that you are a victim and are entitled to reward. People work hard and what we as selfish humans often tend to forget is that there's always someone out there in a worse situation.

"It's not your fault if you're born in the gutter but it is your fault if you die there."

With the above quote being said, we are a product of the choices we make and not of circumstance (in most cases). Of course, part of our life is made by choices people make for us, but for the most part, where we go each day is all in our own hands. You can't control whether you were born in the slums, but it's up to you to work your ass off to make sure you make it out.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world. - Gandhi

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No matter what life throws at you, you can defeat it, even if it takes stumbling and falling down mountains before you finally get back up with enough strength and experience to push through. Your mind is your only "limitation".

◦ Nothing is impossible

◦ You CAN do it.

◦ Never be a victim even if you are one.

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_______STAY RAD. BE YOU. DFTBA._______


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  • I really think that this take needed this song

    And. . . I'm gone

    • OMG, LOVE IT! I think I'm going to start exercising to this. The song goes great with the thing. Very uplifting.

      I think @Klaatu51 would love it.

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    • LOL... i don't listen ALWAYS 80s

      i listen 2 some 70s or 90s as well :)

      mostly 1976-1979 or 1990-1995... not much earlier/l8r

    • Sure. I'll take some suggestions.

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  • Being the morbid pessimist i am, I have to decline, Life does have limits, And some pretty fucking harsh ones.
    If you aren't as smart as other people, Guess what, you get a shit job.
    If you aren't as hot as other people, guess what, You die alone.
    Unfortunately, the vast majority of us cannot achieve our goals, Saying otherwise is just instilling false hope.

    • Not only am I an optimist, I'm also a realist.

      If you want to be smarter, you have the option to further your education or make the extra effort in order to be smarter.

      Attraction is up to perception. Being ugly in the eyes of some or many doesn't guarantee dying alone. Having a great personality does help, and no one likes a pest, so you can't expect someone to like you just because you're smart or funny if you're always being negative or complaining about your fact, but how you feel about yourself is what matters and it's up to you to do what it takes to be confident.

      As vast majority of people don't achieve their goals because they eventually give up. If you truly won't to achieve something, you'll work at it as long as you can, even if it takes years.

      Believing anything you say instills the inability to achieve.

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    • Im not just talking about money here.
      Some people, are naturally born smarter then others, There is no denying that. Some people, Were born, With the ability to be smarter then others. Some people, Were naturally born more attractive then others, Again, there is no denying that.
      My point is though, Yes, You can work your ass off to achieve stuff, But, The person who was born with advantages over you, Can obtain the same things, Much easier, and much more reliably. I get what you're trying to say, But, My point is, We are limited by what we can do, the second we are born. We are limited by the people we can be friends with, the people we can date, the schools we can go to, the jobs we can have, all based on how attractive we are and how smart we are.
      So yeah, Whilst i do think we should try and achieve, There are limits to what we can do, taking into account the limititations we were born with. Being attractive yourself, And im sure you are probably smart too, You may not understand...

    • The thing is, what others do or are born with is none of your fucking business. It doesn't matter if someone happens to be a bit smarter; if you wanted to achieve something, the only true obsticle is yourself. There's always going to be someone taller, skinnier, smarter, prettier, etc , so there's no point in being a fuckig pest and focusing on what others have when you could be bettering yourself. Also, typically, people aren't born smarter than others. Unless your parents did drugs or have a genetic error being passed down, how smart you becomes depends on you and how your parents raise you so that your brain capacity increases at a young age during development. Also, that doesn't eve matter because there are autistic and mentally retarded people who are brilliant and are determined to show that their disability can't stop them from achieving greatness. You can be a pest all you want, but keep it to yourself.

  • nice take *thumbsup*

    • Thanks Bert! :)
      Your time was well appreciated.

  • Dat video was dope. Take was good too.

    • Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. (: I put a lot of effort into my takes.

  • This is really really a wonderful take😊

    • I'm glad you took the time to read it and enjoyed it.

  • Me: ¡Hell yeah! ¿Guess what? ¡I'm gonna change my life!
    *procastination kicks in*
    Me: Oh, well, better go eat some cookies.

  • This reminds me of the book/poem "Oh The Places You Will Go!"

    That poem is a bit more accurate on how things actually work.

    • I've heard of it but I've never read it. I've seen quotes from it though.

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    • I got to read the summary but I can't read the story without signing up for Wattpad I guess. This sounds like a good story and I wonder how Imogen will turn out.

    • Im glad you think it might be interesting, and it's ok then. You don't have to make an acc of you don't want

  • Great myTake! I just love those quote-pictures. Very inspiring!

    Life is what you make of it. Not what you get by chance.

  • Yooooo SO TRUE

  • I want to be a fish.

  • Good take! :D

    I still sort of think this was aimed at me though... xD

    • tsk tsk
      No No, it was only coincidental. 0)_(0
      *sticks my tongue out at you*

  • Now, my intellectual need to be changed.

  • Well stars shine regardless of what's around it but anyway. Nice take.

    • If we're getting technical here then yes, but that was not the point.

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