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Why life is far bigger than the chase

Why life is far bigger than the chase

I think in life, people are constantly chasing after things they don’t want, because they don’t have the life experience to realize that they don’t actually want it. It’s like when you spend years begging your girlfriend to let you buy a dog and realize within 2 days that you are allergic to dogs. Or when you spend months trying to attract somebody only to realize that person is a very bad person and you never wanted them in the first place.

Have you ever gone on a vacation somewhere and than once you got there, you realized it was far less enjoyable that you pictured in your head? Have you ever saved up to buy something thinking it would give you the life of your dreams and than once you got that thing, you never used it?

The fact is many men and woman chase after people and things they do not actually want because since they never got the thing they are chasing, they don’t have the insight to realize the thing they want won’t actually make them happy.

I’ve encountered this type of situation multiple times. Everything from chasing a guy I realized I did not like. To chasing money I realized did not make me happy. To chasing food I realized did not taste that good. To chasing a friendship I realize I did not enjoy.

So make sure you are feeding your soul and spirit and not your body and flesh cause the flesh does not ever feel satisfied, it only primes your to do more chasing under the delusion the useless item can make you happy.

Why life is far bigger than the chase
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  • Anonymous
    Some of us got tired of the chase. You can't make someone like you. Find out who likes you, and take it from there.
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  • captain_voidwalker
    The ignorant chase the things they want, the wise build the things they want
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  • aintnocandle
    Yeah I think you just described what I’m doing with a guy now... I’m chasing him and I recently asked myself why? And it’s not worth it and I don’t even know if I want him anymore, yet the chase ensues...
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  • Pumpkinspice009
    You’re absolutely right, many of us chase after things we don’t even need, but that might be cuz of the fact we humans have to occupy our life, that’s why we have to do these sort of things to give ourselves some reason to live and continue I think.
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  • Quigly
    A culture of desire and abandonment. You are influenced to like things all around you by the media and then gain the experience that it's not really what you are looking for.

    The media promotes the loser as the winner and the winner as the loser.
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  • snowgirl123
    I think that when we see something or someone we find interesting there's always a possibility we will end up happy if we get to have them in our lives or we end up sad if they are not what we pictured. I always think it is best to make a research and figure out if what we want is truly what we need and will make us happy before diving in completely. and also to be ready to de rejected and leave as soon as we see something wrong. sometimes we chase after people and things for too long, even if we see they are much more harmful than good to us. the best thing to do is protect ourselves and go slow, and know that if who or what we want is best to stay away from, there so much more out there, and that we are only at the beginning of our lives. life is supposed to be made out of attempts, of many failures, but also many accomplishments. how can we be happy if we don't try? we will never get anywhere.
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  • whosnumber1
    we always want 20 percent more than what we have. sometimes it takes skill to just enjoy what you have.
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  • AviatorTom
    My father used to tell people that he chased the woman who eventually became his wife until she caught him. :-)
  • exitseven
    The chase must satisfy some leftover part of our evolution. Why else would anyone put up with all that crap?
  • jailbreak
    Once you realize that all you have to do is smile, be laid back (not aggressive), have a sense of humor and actually have good conversations meaning being a fun guy to be around who doesn't simp and look for sex, they will be attracted to you. Women know they look good, u dont need to compliment them outside of their intelligence or style, not their physical appearance.

    Women know u want the booty, again don't comment on any physical traits about them, they hear this shit all day.

    Just treat her like a regular person, have fun with her show her a good time and she will want to keep you if she is interested. She will begin to flirt in which you play it cool and subtly flirt back... if you don't she will think ur not into her sexually.

    Never chase a woman unless its ur wife. Just have fun, get out there and show her a good time, and give her enough silence to miss you. Rinse and repeat my guy
  • ChiPaPa
    I gave up chasing in general. It was a wasted endeavor.
  • sunshineglow
    Finally the post I can completely agree on.
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  • WowwGirl
    I love the chase
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  • Life is the journey, not the destination.
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  • malwins
    I’m tired w the chase I wanna settle down