Why life is far bigger than the chase

Why life is far bigger than the chase

I think in life, people are constantly chasing after things they don’t want, because they don’t have the life experience to realize that they don’t actually want it. It’s like when you spend years begging your girlfriend to let you buy a dog and realize within 2 days that you are allergic to dogs. Or when you spend months trying to attract somebody only to realize that person is a very bad person and you never wanted them in the first place.

Have you ever gone on a vacation somewhere and than once you got there, you realized it was far less enjoyable that you pictured in your head? Have you ever saved up to buy something thinking it would give you the life of your dreams and than once you got that thing, you never used it?

The fact is many men and woman chase after people and things they do not actually want because since they never got the thing they are chasing, they don’t have the insight to realize the thing they want won’t actually make them happy.

I’ve encountered this type of situation multiple times. Everything from chasing a guy I realized I did not like. To chasing money I realized did not make me happy. To chasing food I realized did not taste that good. To chasing a friendship I realize I did not enjoy.

So make sure you are feeding your soul and spirit and not your body and flesh cause the flesh does not ever feel satisfied, it only primes your to do more chasing under the delusion the useless item can make you happy.

Why life is far bigger than the chase
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