Key to Wisdom...

Key to Wisdom....

I know I am too young to be talking about wisdom and life lessons, but these are some of the things that I sincerely believe and have incorporated (at least tried to) in myself.

I generally don't address the internet as "you", but I am pretty sure most of you are procrastinating here,..yes, I see you. Get off the computer and learn that language you have always wanted to learn, talk to your old friend, do your homework!
Of course, a few years down the line, my beliefs may change, but these are the rules I am trying to abide by.

1) Don't hold your breath. Never expect.
When you expect people to act a certain way, you just end up paving way for disappointment. Think you deserve something? Don't expect them to come and gift it to you; fight for it.

2) Never regret.
Make the best of the circumstance, so that there is not regret later. If you find yourself using this statement, "Had I worked harder, I would have got the promotion." you know you have a problem.

Never regret taking a decision. I believe that everything happens for a reason, that we fail to observe due to our developed myopia. Also, even if things didn't work out, at least you gained experience.

3) Follow through.
Finish whatever you start, or don't begin at all. Period.

4) Forgive, don't forget.
Let's be honest here. I will be a complete hypocrite if I tell you to forget about those who have wronged you, about the injustice and the humiliation they have put you through.

"To err is human, to forgive is Divine". I am not Divine. Just a human, hanging in there. Don't get me wrong. I am not trying to instigate you to seek revenge and waste your time and energy. It is just improbable, come to terms with that.

5) Strive for perfection.
Pay attention to detail. Be organised, meticulously plan everything. However, if things go haywire, just breathe, and think of a temporary solution. Value quality over convenience or quantity.

6) Worship time.
In order to not regret later, make the best use of your time, and excel in whatever you pursue. If you don't excel, don't lose hope. Gear up again.

7) Accept your mistakes, in order to learn from them.
Denial is our enemy. Always remember your mistakes so that you can work on them and make yourself better.

As one grows up, sometimes it is advisable to put up a facade and not let people know our weaknesses, but at least be honest to yourself.

8) Be confident and fearless.
Never give anyone the right to put you down. Sincerely believe in yourself, your talent, your affection. Be flamboyant and approachable. Pay no heed to envious fools who will try their level best to make you stoop to their level. Be afraid of nothing but the truth and the unknown. Be untamable. Unleash the animal.

9) Hear every noise, listen to only yourself.
You can't go around pleasing every Tom, Dick and Harry. It is not your job to.
However, don't present their idea as your own. Never steal credit.

10) Love unconditionally
Love is a wonderful feeling indeed! sure, the quest for "true love" is bound to bring along a heart full of pain by worthless humans too, but without melancholy, how will we ever truly appreciate and long for happiness.

Lossen yourself up once in a while and hopelessly fall for the one. Had your heart broken? Dust yourself up, and learn from your mistakes. Don't regret it. Some time back it was exactly what you wanted. At least now you know what exactly you are looking for out there.

Never settle for anything less than love.

11) Be unaffected by Triumph and Failure.
"Treat those two imposters alike", just like Rudyard Kipling does, and asks his son to do too. Be modest after winning. You have not won for life, anyone is capable of replacing you.

Don't lose hope on losing. Everyone gets tested. Learn from your mistakes. Again, make the best use of the opportunity.

12) Work for satisfaction rather than profits.
All of us like littel perks, a hefty bonus, a promotion, being able to buy whatever the heart desires, but that should not be the only motivation.

You should work hard so that you are able to swallow that piece of bread without feeling guitly or undeserving; because you are passionate about your job; because you want to sleep soundly at night, with a clear conscience.

Don't be materialistic.

13) Be adaptable and flexible.
So they discontinued your favourite perfume. "What is the purpose of life now?!", if you start wondering and justifying your hysteria, you have some serious evaluation to do.

Move out of your comfort zone. Talk to random strangers, try new cuisines, learn a language, travel somewhere, and learn from new, wonderful experience.

14) Be realistic, but never aim small.
...and don't be afraid of failing. It is only a learning opportunity.

15) Believe in something...anything.
Believe in yourself, God, me, this site, him, her, Garfield, Frank Sinatra, Einstein, String Theory, whatever you fancy. Without believe, life holds no meaning.

16) Never be vulnerable.
This is a cruel world we live in. People will take advantage of your weaknesses, Don't let them exploit you, intentionally or unintentionally.

17) Don't be judgmental or prejudiced.
We don't know how they are being tested. Who gives us the right to judge them?
Besides, we wouldn't want to be judged harshly either.

18) Be patient.
As discussed earlier, we humans are severely myopic. If you have worked hard, you will get results. Maybe not instantly, but you will.

19) Have competitors, not enemies.
No one deserves to be your arch nemesis, unless they have killed you just for the heck of it. Don't let hatred and negativity build up, it will only end up making you a hateful, cynical, bitter, shrewd person instead. No one is worth so much of your time.

20) Work smart.
There is no way out. You have to work hard, but smartly. Even donkeys work hard. Real achievers know how much energy is to be expended to do a task efficiently.


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  • A good mytake but there no shortcuts or keys to wisdom so to speak, life itself, growing older, experience everything in this world plays a part in it.

    • that is true...
      experience, and what we learn from them shapes our personality

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  • This is very dangerous and the direct path to folly. I pray you don't actually believe in and follow these things.

    • but i do try to..
      why do you think they are dangerous?

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    • 16. Pure nonsense and the absolute height of foolishness. There is a difference between being exploited and being self-aware and willing and that difference lies solely in intention. You must be vulnerable to trust anyone, you must be vulnerable to love anyone, you must be vulnerable to not enter a regressed state, and you must be vulnerable to push into the future. Do for others without expectation, because you can, and learn to defend yourself by means of circumvention versus assault. Nothing good can come from self-isolation whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually done.

      17. Know when to judge. Know when to be suspicious. What good is it to live in a world where one is to be keen of eye but unwilling to open his eyes? Do not be frivolous but do be aware. It is frivolous however to be unaware.

      18. Patience is not putting in effort it's learning to gauge value and appraise effort. You can do the same backbreaking for 50 years and get less than a man who is

    • patient and observant will in a day. Input and output are not directly correlated; it is patience that gives the ability to observe when something is not ever going to yield anything more but that skill is lost as an art and is now attributed to "waiting". Waiting is foolish. Whether you wait in a low position or wait in a high office you are still waiting.

      19. This is not always so. There are people who do seek to undo you. And you will find yourself pitted against men who want nothing more than your blood. More often than not these individuals were past friends and acquaintances. You must not be unaware of their intentions and sadly they may be your enemies. So too may this occur in the workforce or general life; all is competition and not all are willing to lose with grace. Though I wish this were so.

      20. If one is working intelligently one is not working hard. The entire idea behind efficiency is to remove such things. There is a distinct difference between Effort and Work.

  • I was hoping all I had to do was steal that key in your picture 😁

  • Superb!!
    Keep giving away your Key to Wisdom.
    Great my take :)

  • great my take :)

  • Honestly one of the best i've seen here on this website. Please keep it up.😊


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