A simple guide in how to manage your money effectively

1. Spend wisely on personal expenses

For food, I don't buy takeaway. I cook all my meals.

I always look for weekly discounts in grocery shopping. Buy in bulk if you can.

A simple guide in how to manage your money effectively

Use coupons if you can.

Buy only what you need. Not because everyone is getting it.

I usually ask for clothes from people who are throwing it out. I managed myself from buying new jumpers, t shirts and towels.

Buy second hand stuff from Gumtree.com

2. Make and prepare your own meals for work lunch breaks instead of buying from food stalls.

For more ideas on what simple foods to have for lunch breaks, go to https://lunch.food.com/

3. Deposit a reasonable amount every fornight to your saver's account that has a reasonable monthly interest rate.

$40.00 a fortnight is a good minimal amount to deposit.

4. If you have credit card debts....

Make sure you pay a small amount to keep the negative balance slowly shrinking and only use cash to spend.

5. Stick to a a weekly budget.

You can buy a note book and record your weekly spending or create a spreadsheet from Microsoft Excel Software application.

6. Use electricity and gas wisely.

Remember to switch off appliances after using. Never leave electrical appliances turned on.

Cook food and make sure you have some left over for tomorrow. This will save you time from using gas again. Freeze the food if you have to.

Buy energy saving light bulbs.

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