Untitled: I poem I wrote and wanted to share

Untitled: I poem I wrote and wanted to share

Your life is light. Then it's dark. One second it's bright. The next you're nursing a broken heart.

Everything is right. Then everything is wrong. First you're happy. Then you're numb.

You're flying high. Then you're sinking low. You have a sparkle & a glow. Then you're empty & just don't know.

One second you feel blessed. The next you feel cursed. You wake up feeling your best. Then you go to bed feeling your worst.

You feel euphoric, you feel bliss. You can't imagine a feeling better than this. Now you feel hurt, you feel pain. You'd do anything to make it go away.

Isn't love suppose to be beautiful? Isn't love suppose to be great ? Isn't love suppose to end with a long passionate kiss in the rain? Or, is that just what the movies want you to think?

The romance they sell you. What they want you to believe. What you watch on the big screen, Is nothing at all like the real thing

Love is beautiful & amazing. It's also hard & emotionally draining. You can find it & you can lose it. You can have it but not choose it.

It can be reciprocated & unrequited. Simple but too complicated for the two to be united. It can bring you pleasure & cause you pain. It can even drive you a little insane. It can have it's ups & it's downs, With swirling thoughts all around

It can make you feel like what you want, What you need & who you want it to be. Are never quite the same thing.

Feels like you have a choice to make. Do you give up & call a time out? Or, do you hold on so you don't miss out?

Love will never be easy or just fun. However, it can be worth when you find the one. That includes all you'll conquer & endure. All you'll go through together. And, all the storms you'll have to weather. Through all of it making each other better.

So, you choose to stay strong. To hang tough & are finally enough. Until the day you meet the one. Until the day you land in the arms of your true love.

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  • I love your work! You kind of inspire me.

    • Thanks, that's nice to hear. And, how do I an inspire you?

    • Through yoour poetry obviously!! Your writings is pretty good, and I also write some but don't take it as serious. You inspire me to write more.

    • Well, I'm glad I could do that for you.