Things your cats might love playing with

Things your cats might love playing with.

Last year I adopted my cat lily.Like most people I had bought some toy's for her to play with.Which she ended up not caring to much about them at all.So after a while I started finding out the toy's she does love to play with.Which are weird since I've never seen any other cat play with these kinds of things.So if your cat is like mine and is very picky with the toy's they like playing with.Here are some you could give a try and see if they might like it as well.

Ear Plugs


Coin Wrappers

Water bottle caps

black elastic hair ties

I kid you not.She will take these things,throw the up in the air,catch them,and hit them around like they are hockey pucks.I hope y'all enjoyed this take and maybe give them a try.Your cats might love them.Plus these are things that are probably hiding some where in you house.So you don't have to spend to much money on them as well. :)

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  • Some of these objects are really small. No choking hazard? That said, watching cats play is way more entertaining to watch than dogs, to me. :)

    • No so far lily hasn't tried to eat them at all.

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    • My silly lily never try's to leave the house. Even if I try to carry her outside she's not happy and wants to run back inside, lol.

    • Haha, I need a Lily too then! ;)

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  • Nice take, I'll try giving them to my cat (if I decide to buy one)


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  • very true!

  • a mouse or a dead dog.

  • I want to find coin wrappers.


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