Cats! Cute, Cuddly Felines

Kitties often get a bad rap. "They're too independent" is the catchphrase for many not finding a feline companion desirable. Until you've had a cat yourself, it's hard to say whether they're worth getting "just one more". Here is why cats are worth it. A video says a thousand words:

(It was supposed to turn on 22sec in, so just skip 20sec- it's cute!)

They find the cutest places to hide! All around your house, all the time! I've often thought that if I just had a polaroid camera I could pull out whenever I discover my cat in an odd place, I would have a photobook of memories to look back on. As it is, I find myself twice a week laughing at my silly kitty's antics. And they often fall asleep in the oddest places, too. Cats just like to do that, they like to surprise you. Get in your face and make you smile :)


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  • Aw, somebody just wants some attention :D Cats are the best. I often wonder why people can't be as loving as cats 😻


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  • looks like an old cat of mine.


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  • they say pictures are worth a thousand words, that video was worth, like a gazillion. I love cats :)

    • has anyone ever wondered how cats have the ability to look either really skinny, normal, or really fat just be changing the way they sit or lay down?

    • I know right? And they can fit in the smallest spaces too!

    • I know, it's crazy