Why skin colour and size don't even matter. Especially not what's in the media.

Why skin colour and size don't even matter. Especially not what's in the media.

Honestly, I never used to notice there was a problem, however, as I've grown up and go into social media I see more and more 'empowerment' posts, pictures, videos and articles. I believe everyone is equal, quite genuinely and I think 'great! People deserve to feel good about themselves!'

On the other hand, I started to feel like there was nothing that really empowered me. I love that fact that people want larger women and women of different races in the media, but I'm a white size 6 (UK, in the UK that's a 2) girl, and it kind of feels like sometimes people don't want women like me...

I think it's great for everyone to be represented fairly in the media"
But I felt like nobody was trying to empower people like me"

Because, despite the fact that the media is filled white, slim women, they're not like me. Yes they're white, yes they're similar to my size. But they're perfect.

The people you see in the media are airbrushed, perfectly made up and have a whole set up of people to keep them that way.

Even if they do represent my size, my race, it will never represent me.

So in my mind, yes we should equality in media, but even if we do... It will never empower or represent real people.

That's why I think, "Yes! Let's have empowerment and equality in the media!"

But the media will never truly represent us...

Why skin colour and size don't even matter. Especially not what's in the media.
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  • LiveFreeorDieHard
    Race is literally just a skin color so i dont care about that. I dont care if your a white dude who likes brown girls. I dont care if your a white girl who likes black dudes. But i do care about size. You see, you can control what you eat and if you wo t k out or not. If your fat your most likley have low self esteem and are lazy.
    • Although you make a good point, some people have thyroid problems or eating addictions which make it much harder to keep your weight where you want it. I agree people should stay healthy, but if you're putting in all your efforts and you're just bigger than other people, surely it doesn't matter?

    • People aregoing to comment it doesn't matter but i bet if you had a list of who they havedated, none will have been fat girls or guys.

  • Outofthegrey
    You know what I don't get? Why we're still talking about this. In an age of working so hard to offend anyone that you lose all credibility and lose anything interesting to say whatesoever, trying to use logic is impossible. Because logic is offensive.

    Your heritage, culture, and background matter greatly, but not race (which anthropologically doesn't even exist). Race is merely the physical manifestation of those things we cannot see.

    Size? Of course that matters. But only on a personal level. Eating badly, not exercising, consuming large amounts of processed food and soda is a bad thing, and should be treated as a bad thing. But we care more about feelings than our health, so we pretend it doesn't matter.
    • I agree that people are afraid to say if somebody is fat, but I also consider that some thyroid problems etc. and metabolism issues (amongst other things) can contribute to weight gain and are hard to control. But if you're trying your best to stay healthy, then size shouldn't matter right?

    • Let's talk probability then. 68.8% of the adult US population is overweight. How many of them are caused by a legitimate thyroid issue such as hypothyroidism or cushing's syndrom, instead of just a lack of self control?

      It seems to me that in the US we're taking weight off of the bar and adding it to our ass.

    • I agree, a lot of those people probably don't have problems. But my point isn't really about whether or not you're overweight. My point is that people have lots of different body shapes and curvy women (for example) or particularly short people (for example) aren't exactly the most popular in the media world. You see a lot more tall, slim (I won't use the word 'skinny' because it's not the right term) women in the media than shorter, curvier women- for example. It's not about whether you're overweight or not. Perhaps you'd say I misused the word 'size'?

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  • Gojira
    Ah yes. The essence of media brainwashing and the power of imagery, capitalism and greed.