Amanda Stenberg, the only person who is racist is yourself

Amanda Stenberg, the only person who is racist is yourself

A person who goes out of their way to belittle another woman who is of a different race (Kylie Jenner) because she is wearing her hair a black woman would streotypically wear it, is racist. And these are the reasons I believe so:

1) Isolation; not allowing others to embrace the African American culture (the women)

2) Not allowing or accepting women of other races to appreciate the 'black culture'

3) Profilling and then uploading a so called statisic about how you think black women are seen as brutal by other races and not beautiful. Just because someone doesn't find you (generalisation) particularly attractive, doesn't mean they are being a racist.

4) Race card

Be happy and see it as a beautiful thing that other people are embracing different cultures. To be honest, Kylie probably didn't think too much of it and just thought that the hairstyle looked cool, this is your problem, you think far too deeply that is unnessicary. No one is stealing the culture and claiming that they are black, and to be honest the women in Africa (if they knew this was even a topic) would think you are having a laugh Amanda. I used to live in Africa for 3 years, and this type of behaviour is only of African American young internet obsessers who believe they have the platform to say whatever they like and use it as a race issue. Keep your shallow and take your correspondingly small thoughts elsewhere, because if Caucasian women/other women of other races were to catch you out about how I'm sure you live your life, it would be a different story.

If you want racism to stop, stop blaming others and stealing other peoples happiness for your own immature insecurites and it's obvious.


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  • I find it amazing people have enough time in the day to worry about something as insignificant as racism. Today, calling someone n** is racism, but tomorrow we can't say black either. This shit is overhyped.


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  • I'm #TeamAmandla on this one because she's right. When a white person does something black people have been doing for centuries it's considered fashionable, edgy, and cool. When I black person who has always done it gets looked at it's considered ghetto, ratchet, and trashy.

    When Zendaya wore dread locs people called her every bad name in the book, but when Kylie did it she was edgy and cool.

    Black girls started the thing called twerking and were called ghetto and nasty. When Miley Cyrus and other white girls do it it's acceptable.

    People are saying Amandla is an "angry black girl" when she is only stating facts. Black people are judged by their own culture and white people get praised for stealing it and making it cool. People aren't talking about how Andy Cohen called Amandla a jack hole last night on live television though. Amandla isn't racist she's woke.✊✊

    • Since when is having a particular hairstyle not acceptable? Don't get it twisted, because a black woman has cornrows in and is called ghetto, the chance is that she is regardless a ghetto, not because of the hairstyle. You're barking up the wrong tree by the way, with stupid ideologies that have no factual evidence, just your own ideas or prejudice comments. How is someone wearing a hairstyle even remotely 'stealing the culture'. P. s she's too young to understand anything about true racism, and that is absolutely obvious. And the way she approached the situation was immature and actually offensive. If she had such a problem about it, at least approach it like an adult and speak correctly.

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    • Do you think twerking is a "prideful" thing? I'm not even trying to be a bitch. I don't remember one person thinking Miley was "cool" for that so its probably a good thing that people associated it with her and not black girls.

    • I'm not talking about what she did on stage at that awards show. I'm talking about the video of her twerking in pajamas that people on Twitter were going crazy about.

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  • It's called cultural appropriation, and it's part of racism. Black women are widely not considered attractive, their hair isn't considered attractive, etc, but if a white girl does it it's fashion and everyone loves it. There's so many different examples of this (from many different cultures, not just African american). There's even a hashtag called #whitegirlsdoitbetter.

    Her comment was spot on and right, and you should educate yourself more instead of defending a useless nobody like Kylie Jenner.

    • It's not culutural appropriation, it's called cultural diffusion. It's the process by which culture, ideas, and beliefs travel and mingle with other cultures, ideas, and beliefs. It's responsible for so many things amass has been happening since the dawn of civilization. It's not like this is a new thing.

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    • Its the same thing, just called a different name to make it seem worse than it is

    • How about I agree with you and say yes! It's totally the same thing! Except you're using a different name to make it seem better than it is! Or, my God, maybe you could accept that two DIFFERENT WORDS, referring to two DIFFERENT THINGS, are actually NOT THE SAME.

  • THANK YOU. I completely agree!!

  • would love to bang kylie jenner ;)


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  • To be honest, I didn't know about the Kylie Jenner thing. I just looked it up and I think I missed something. People are screaming that she's favouring common black physical traits? I saw the photo she was talking about but the way she's made up looks more like an exotic Macedonic woman than a black woman. Straight hair? Sorry, not an African-American trait unless one is of mixed race. And plenty of women around the world have plump lips (even Asian girls).

    It seems you can't compliment someone without it seeming like you have a race fetish, and you can't have a preference to date outside of a race without it seeming racist. Can't win in this new PC world, and it's actually really silly. People just need to be mad over everything now.

  • So I gather that what happened was that this lady called Kylie out on being racist? In which case, she was completely correct. White people doing things like wearing dreads absolutely is racist. Traditionally black hairstyles have in the past been seen as unprofessional or otherwise unattractive, and black people have been negatively impacted by that. Historically, black styles like dreads have been just another thing white people used to bully and oppress black people. As such, it absolutely is racist and just plain stupid when white people suddenly decide to wear these styles that they previously mocked black people for. Especially when said black hairstyles get a whole lot more fashionable and just generally appropriate and attractive once they're on white peoples heads.

    • So if a white person wears a "black hairstyle" (whatever the hell that is), they are automatically a racist? You'd think if they were racist they would avoid "black hairstyles". So dreadlocks are whitey's fault, too and a tool of " white oppression? I'm curious. Please enlighten me.

    • Dreads aren't a 'black style', they're what happens when you don't brush your hair or wash it frequently. They're matted hair; They've existed since pre-civilization, and the only people who see people wearing locs as racist are people who are extremely ignorant of history. Jamaicans who claim that dreads are their culture are being extremely segregating since Hindus were wearing them well before Jamaicans even existed.

      Want to know what's dumber than what you said? Putting blame on people who aren't guilty of doing something because of their skin colour. You look like a bigger bigot than either Amandla or Kylie, especially after saying something as retarded as "When white people suddenly decide to wear these styles that THEY previously mocked". I've had cornrows; I've never mocked cornrows, so I guess because some white person across the globe said cornrows are gross I shouldn't be able to wear them? Stupid little girl.

  • That's not racist. Racist would deal with prejudice and superiority/inferiority. That's simple discrimination and stupidity if someone is belittling someone else for that.

    Now, if the women were doing it for the reasons that YOU described, then yes. But not all women who do this are doing it for those reasons.

    Fortunately, I have never heard of other (race) women demeaning other women for wearing braids. I always hear them say they want them but due to the fact that mostly black women wear them and "look good" with them, they don't know if they can/should do it. I encourage women to get braids all the time. Many women from all races look beautiful with braids.

  • I don't mind if other races wear things popularized by us I just dislike how certain things are ugly and ghetto on us but when a nonblack girl does it it's oh so chic. Like really?

  • im honestly sick and tired of people pulling the race card all the damn time. "oh black people have big lips but kim k made them popular. thats not fair!" lets just take a moment to Google and look at the shapes and sizes of a black woman's lips vs kim k's. people like the shape of hers. things become popular and less popular over time. i was working with an Asian guy and he was being a total idiot. we were taking pics and needed light. i said "hey we should've gone over to the other side there's more light" and he was like "well you should've said it earlier" i told him that i did but he didn't listen. i was like "you should've just opened your damn eyes". he took it as a racist comment and i didn't mean it like that at all. i've had black people say "so you hate me cuz im black?" no i hate you as an individual bc you're an ass. you dont get special treatment just bc you're not the same race as me. thats like saying a black girl who wears uggs and goes to starbucks is trying to be white. no.

  • Are you white?

    • Why does it matter? If I was, does it give you a pedestal to lash out at me and call me a racist?

    • When exactly did I call you a racist? That's not what gives me the right to call you a racist. The fact that you actually believe any of the bullshit in this take gives me that right.

  • That's discrimination, not racism

  • ''Just because someone doesn't find you (generalisation) particularly attractive, doesn't mean they are being a racist.''

    You missed her point my a mile. It's not about her. It's true that black women are not seen as attractive as white women.

  • I'm not sure I know what this mytake is about.